Books Read 2022: First Half of the YEar

At first I wasn’t really sure if I had even read enough this first half of the year to split up the books read, but then I counted, and apparently I do. It’s just my perception that’s weird since I haven’t read much over the last few months (thanks, total life upheaval).

That’s What Makes it Love: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Iris Lim
Read this one before on (support your authors). What if Darcy became blind as a child – how would that change things?

That Can Be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story by Huda Fahmy
Cute graphic novel about this aspect of Muslim culture. Hilarious (with Austen references, which I obviously appreciated). Really enjoyed this.

Bookish Boyfriends: A Date with Darcy by Tiffany Schmidt
YA. Honestly, I almost quit reading this early on, but decided to stick with it. As an IG friend put it, cute but annoying. That’s about right.

Darcy’s Journey by Abigail Reynolds
Variation set during the 1812 Luddite rebellion/revolution/riots. I sometimes wonder if I like Reynolds or not, and obviously keep reading more of her work trying to decide. Well played, Ms. Reynolds.

A Certain Appeal by Vanessa King
P&P meets Burlesque – fun, modern twist. Gay male Jane; no Charlotte/Collins subplot.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
Self-help book that’s not really self-help – about how to live a creative life. Enjoyed this a lot.

I’m Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas by Tiffany Schmidt
YA. Not P&P related (fail, Libby app), but still cute. It’s funny to see the difference between YA romance now and from when I was the target demographic …

Atomic Habits – Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones by James Clear
Mostly the 1% better philosophy. I’m realizing that so many of these books are basically the same. However, it was well laid out and easily explained.

Tiger King: The Official Tell-All Memoir by Joe Exotic
Did I see this at Target and immediately add it to my Libby app? Maybe. A slightly different point of view from Netflix (obviously) – a nice companion if you watched that insanity last year. Entertaining and a super quick read.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo
Ashley recommended this. SO GOOD. Great tale about life’s purposes and the journeys we do (or don’t) take. Ended up buying a hard copy.

The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and the People’s Temple by Jeff Guinn
Slow going at times, but a heavily fascinating account of Jones and his rise to power from the early days (as well as the account of what happened in Guyana, as well).

Mothers Know Best: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Iris Lim
Read on originally. Lady Anne is alive and the Bennets are elevated. Two lady moms matchmake their kids and it deviates from there.

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World by Steve Brusatte
Super interesting and NOT BORING as some science books tend to be. Although sad to read about the asteroid. Poor dinosaurs.

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation by Michael Pollan
Been a few years since I’ve read Pollan, but I still enjoy him. He organizes everything nicely. It also makes me very happy I try to cook a lot of my own stuff. Also inspired me to maybe finally try a sourdough starter. Maybe.

Will by Will Smith with Mark Manson
Timely read after the Oscars slap fiasco – this actually provided some good context. Interesting read, but not my favorite memoir I’ve read.

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard
Blair Braverman recommendation (go follow her on Twitter). Basically a transcendentalist Mary Oliver. A bit slower going for me, but still really enjoyable. Nature through the seasons with extra science and philosophy.

Eat a Peach: A Memoir by David Chang with Gabe Villa
Written by the Momofuku founder (and chef – another chef memoir for me). Mixed heritage, food scene, mental health – I understand why this was well received. Glad to have read it.

Hot as Puck by Lili Valentine
Barely PWP. Plot was there solely to facilitate the porn. But because I am a sucker for hockey romance novels …

True Mark by Claudia Hall Christian
OMG how did I have this for so long without reading it? Stupid life. As always in the Alex the Fey series, SO GOOD. Also feels like the series is slowly wrapping up which makes me immensely sad, since I love this world.

Degloved: Every Scar Has a Story by Adelaide Perr
Adelaide is a friend of a few different friends, and I’ve known of this book for a while. I won a giveaway of a copy on Adelaide’s IG so I finally got the chance to read it. It’s the tale of her horrific bike/car wreck and her recovery. And a note: if you got this far in reading all of this, PLEASE watch out for bicycles while you’re out driving. I don’t want her story to become my story. Please.

Second Quarter Style: 2022

Moving and life at my parents’ meant not much time to dress up (and not many clothes with which to do so). And also I’m Ironman training, so we know that means not much too. But I did get two outfits, and you’ll notice my wonderful new backdrop of the new house.

Worn out to dinner.

Earrings: BaubleBar for Target
Necklace: Ken’s Design Haus
Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad
Dress: Skirt Sports
Shoes: JustFab Online

Another dinner outfit.

Earrings: Mile High Beads
Necklace: Ken’s Design Haus
Dress: Skirt Sports
Watch: Olivia Burton London
Bracelet: King Murphy’s Stones
Shoes: JustFab Online

Nightwish/Beast in Black, 05.15.2022

… in which I finally go to a concert that isn’t Shinedown for a change.

The funny thing is, I last saw Nightwish back in 2015 (also in the midst of a move). After that show, I wasn’t sure whether I’d want to see them again. Well, a lot has changed in seven years, and one of them being that I have very much come around to Floor Nightwish (as opposed to Tarja Nightwish). Also, the Mission Ballroom is a better venue than the Ogden, particularly if you’re on the rail. Finally, I was not half asleep for this show, so that also helped things out.

But before I get more into Nightwish, the other band on the tour – Beast in Black. I heard about them thanks to a friend from college who also likes metal (not that I knew that back then …), and then enjoyed a worlds colliding moment when I found out that BiB lead singer Yannis Papadopoulos covered Nightwish’s iconic “Ghost Love Score.” (10000% worth a watch.)

They actually put on a really awesome show. I didn’t know that much of their catalog, but I’ll be diving into it later for sure.


Then, Nightwish. I don’t know if it’s the differing factors mentioned above, or what, but it was a great show. We had a lot of fun crowd interaction with Emppu (one of the guitarists) … which also maybe helped us in getting quite a few guitar picks.

Floor Jansen.
I think this was during “How’s the Heart.”

Much better show than last time, and I would definitely be willing to see either of these bands again.

about a donut shop

they say if you hear someone being racist
– even if a family member –
call them out
(not in, just out)
because it’s the right(eous) thing to do

but have you ever?

and how did it go?

the chinaman who owns the donut shop
he said

do you have to use that term?

would you prefer chink?

(because that’s sooo much better)
why do you even need to mention the ethnicity?
it’s not like there are multiple donut shops
ah yes, the one owned by the friendly
Chinese guy, as opposed to the white dude.

and all I got was a lot of “Well”s,
and a lot of sighs
and I wouldn’t call myself woke
(hate the term)
but the descriptor of race, I’m
realizing, is hardly ever needed

call out, if you think it’ll work.

call out, if you don’t care about family dynamics

often it’s not that simple
it’s not black and white
(it hardly ever is)
and sometimes it’s just best to
and stifle
and roll your eyes
and complain in private
knowing that while you’re never too old to change,
you also have to want to.
about a donut shop, 4.7.22

First Quarter Style: 2022

Three months gone in 2022, three outfits for this post. At least I actually have a BETTER excuse this time – I was packing my house and, at the end of March, moved out of it. Maybe I’ll tell that story here. Maybe.

Pretty sure I wore this to dinner with the brother’s fam.

Earrings: Ken’s Design Haus
Necklace: Ken’s Design Haus
Sweater: Rubbish
Skirt: Draper James
Booties: JustFab Online

Pulled out the Best Dress Ever to wear in Vegas.

Necklace:Kate Spade
Dress: a.b.s. Allen Schwartz Collection
Watch: Olivia Burton
Shoes: JustFab Online

March date night.

Earrings: … don’t remember.
Necklace: Ken’s Design Haus
Dress: Vince Camuto
Bracelet: Express
Watch: Olivia Burton
Tights: … Leg Avenue, maybe?
Booties: JustFab Online

Oh Hey, Vegas Again

As it is with the Tucson posts, I’ve given up coming up with witty names. Hell, I don’t even blog all my Vegas trips anymore. But I actually did a few new things on this one, partially thanks to the reason *why* I was out there.

I left alone mid-day Wednesday, February 23. B had gotten back late the previous evening from a trip and really didn’t feel ready to turn around in less than 24 hours to get back on the road. Which I totally get. And he wanted a chance to move his car in SLC. So, I left (after tossing my bike in the shop and getting my car back from her oil change that am), and he would join me in Vegas the next day.

It had been snowing, but the roads were okay (with the exception with parts of Vail Pass. That was a little hairy). I wanted to get out of the state, but knew there was no way I’d make it to Fairfield (since hotels on most of I-70 in Utah? Do not exist). I could have done Green River (and, in hindsight, probably should have), but detoured to Moab instead. Where it snowed.

Driving the next day through that 100 or so mile stretch of no civilization between Green River and Salina, seeing some of the salty roads and possible ice, made me REALLY happy I didn’t try for Fairfield the night before as I have a feeling that drive would have been utter shit.

The timing for when B landed in Vegas and from when I got into town ended up lining up really well. We went straight to Resorts World for the expo … but got there too early. Oops. Should have checked the schedule. Didn’t see anything there that interested us for lunch, so we went to Blueberry Hill (a diner favorite that we usually do for breakfast) and got lunch. Mmm, salad. We had thought about checking in, but after I also got my car washed (see: salt from roads; my green car was more white at that point), it was time enough to head back to Resorts World.

The main reason we came out – to run a half-marathon.

Checked in, we decided to wander around Resorts World for a while as it is a NEW property and we hadn’t yet had a chance to see it.

Pretty neat. As it’s a Hilton property, there is a chance we might stay there at some point.

From there, we checked in to the hotel (Bellagio, as always) and laid pretty low. Gambling, dinner at the Snacks place next to the sports book (as we weren’t that hungry) … that was pretty much it.

On Friday, we woke up and had breakfast at Sadelle’s … and explored the conservatory while quiet (that is, our favorite time).

All dressed up for Chinese New Year.

B contemplating.

We had a coffee date with my crystal ladies in Henderson, although Noel wasn’t able to join us. But we had a ton of fun hanging out with Joy at a cute Harry Potter-themed shop in Henderson, Bad Owl Coffee.

B and Joy.


After coffee, back to the strip. We wandered down to the Vegas Golden Knights team store to try to find a new shirt for B, but no luck. We popped in New York New York to see if they still had my Jurassic Park slots (Bellagio got rid of them – BOOOOOOO), and happily, they did. So I played those for a while.

I think lunch was over at Eataly in Park MGM and we did pop into the fitness center for a little while that afternoon.

Our big thing Friday was date night.

All dressed up!

Because this box is still in Crystals.

The ideal hope was to do the Mayfair Supper Club at Bellagio, but by the time we finally got around to getting reservations, they were all booked up. So, a mad scramble to find menus later, we ended up at Bavette’s Steakhouse in Park MGM. Our original reservation was for 9:15p (so … late …), but thankfully, we were looking on the reservation sites for last minute openings and B found a 6:45 slot. Uh, thank you yes please.

Get the tie out of the way.

We shared some apple pecan salad which was really good and then I got steak frites while B got steak with a baked potato. Everything was tasty – a lot better than say, Prime Bellagio was.

We could have waited for the fountains to be running for this, but meh.

We did watch them, though.

Yes, date night was an excuse to wear the Best Dress Ever. The back of the dress is mostly the reason why.

We went back down to Park the next morning for breakfast at Primrose, since we weren’t going to do the buffet until Monday and we didn’t ONLY want to eat at Sadelle’s.

Inside was cute. Last time we ate here, back in … 2017? 2018? … it was in July and we were outside.

The rest of the day was fairly low-key and chill (probably some gambling at some point and snacks for lunch) as B was running the 5K downtown that evening.

We left with enough time to try to find parking – which was good, because there was a massive wreck on 15 that delayed us – and then followed the masses of people to the 5K start.

And walked down Fremont Street.

The race went pretty well for B – I was able to hop around a bit to cheer him on – and then we busted our butts over to the Peppermill for dinner … mostly because we wanted our standard pre-race breakfast-for-dinner and we knew we could get that there.

B and his pancakes the size of his head. These also prompted the booth next to us to chat with us as they were all racing the next day, too.

Saturday morning was low-key, as we wanted to save our energy for the race that night. Breakfast was back at Sadelle’s and I think we might have gambled some, but I do remember my stomach being super cranky so it was a lot of laying low.

… Hyde died, but is there a new club in Bellagio? Saw this walking around …

We left with plenty of time to walk down to the start line somewhere behind Planet Hollywood and then entered our corral for the very long walk to the start. As a person we passed joked, “I didn’t realize we had to walk a half-marathon to get to the half-marathon.” But it’s Vegas, so you know.

Seen while walking to the start.

Taken while running – one of the better sunsets I’ve seen in Las Vegas.

The race was hard and painful, as half-marathons tend to be, but we made it through. We stuck together until probably the final mile, when I left B. I was doing slightly better than he was and we wanted to get to In-N-Out as quickly as possible, so that was my duty – get to food!

And we did, and it was happy.

We did a leisurely morning Monday, doing the buffet for breakfast and a little bit of gambling before hitting the road. We got to Grand Junction for the night and then continued on home on Tuesday.

With a slight detour to one of the state parks – James M. Robb Colorado River State Park (I forget which outpost) – so B could take a phone call.

Shinedown #12

I am up to a dozen Shinedown shows. Dang. I’m not 100% sure if they’re the band I’ve seen the most (I saw local act Opie Gone Bad a whole lot as well as some local bands in college (Chauncey and Car Crash Show)), but if not, they’re definitely close.

Of note: I finally saw Eric Bass live again for the first time since March 2019. He had back issues in May of that year and then the ‘rona back in October 2021.


The show was at a new Denver venue for us – the Mission Ballroom – that we’ll actually be at again in May for Nightwish and Beast in Black (we’re going to have to come back for that. Oh well.). Doors were at 7 and we decided to get there around 5ish. It, in winter in Denver fashion, was quite cold and snowy, so deciding on apparel was interesting, as we’d have to wait outside in the cold and then be in a warm venue. My new winter puffy jacket packs in on itself, so I figured if all else failed, I could pack it into its tube and tie it onto my purse. Luckily, we parked close enough so we could quickly run everything to the car and only need to TRULY freeze for 10 minutes or so.

As it is when you wait outside in a line for several hours (or at least several hours in ridiculous conditions), we made some line friends which was nice because then we all clumped together at the show, too.

When we were let in, B and I split off – him to the rail and me to the merch table. No new Planet Zero merch, unfortunately, but there was the shirt I saw while leaving the Chattanooga show so I got that as well as the show-specific pick pack.

Ayron Jones headlined again. I said that they were good back in October. I don’t know if it’s them picking up the energy with touring with Shinedown or what, but they were fucking FANTASTIC at this show. SO GOOD. Like seriously, they killed it.

I think I more like this for the expression on the drummer’s face here …

Ayron playing guitar with a drumstick. He did this back in Choo too; I was just close enough to get a shot of it this time.

My ‘grammed shot post-show. The other guitarist got tagged in it and then he shared it to his insta. I felt special. He also had a smile on his face virtually the entire night. And the bassist was hopping around and dancing like crazy. Seriously high energy and amazing show.

Then … Shinedown. After Ayron Jones, we knew they’d have to bring it, and bring it they did. As I was so close, I actually did take a few more pictures than usual (although a pyro box thwarted a lot of good photo during the Shinedown set).

Getting Sanjay doing his thing. Because who knows if anyone ever gets him.

These lights were cool when they weren’t blinding me.

Brent Smith doing his thing.

During Planet Zero. Which, if you haven’t listened to their new single, DO IT. DO IT NOW. GO AND RETURN.

FINALLY a halfway decent pyro shot. Although you see the black box that was my bane.

We were also on the Eric Bass side of the stage for a change (usually we’re on the Zach Myers side).


As always, so amazing, and I can’t wait for the next time we get to see them (TBD as of now), and I really can’t wait for April 22nd when the new album drops. And yes, that’s already preordered.

Phoenix/Tucson January 2022

Whaaaat, another post about another trip to Arizona? Say it ain’t so.

So the basis of this trip was actually the Tucson Gem Show. I’ve been wanting to go for a while and was toying around with going in February, but I waited too long to book the hotel and then it got too expensive and well. It was a thing. But then I found out the dates when my favorite crystal ladies, Joy and Noel were going, and we made it work to coincide with them. Mostly because B needed to bake them a pie (long story – don’t ask). And B was able to find a good hotel rate thanks to the job.

And, since the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is doing a Chihuly exhibit (and we get reciprocity) … well, it was a northern drive in.

Wednesday, January 26

The original plan was for the two of us to drive together, but B got called for a good overtime trip that would still put him into Phoenix in time for our DBG tickets, so I left alone without him. Weather was good, so I got to truck on down to Flagstaff all by my lonesome. Except for gas (and two coffee stops), I had a very uneventful drive down.

Thursday, January 27

I woke up decently early – early enough to pick B up at Sky Harbor right on time. I picked him up and we tried a new breakfast spot to get him some food – Bread and Butter Cafe.

Mural inside.

Food was … okay. After breakfast, it was on to the ‘bux for some coffee and then the Desert Botanical Garden. We saw the Chihuly exhibit when it came to the Denver Botanic Garden and this one was similar yet different. And still awesome.

Saguaro innards.
Flower with light.
Saguaro skeleton.
Gorgeous potted succulent.
Desert pastel aesthetic of my dreams.

Afterwards, it was some lunch at In-N-Out and then off to Tucson. We also got gas in Casa Grande – which means I want to shout out Fiona the Adventure RAV, my car, who recently passed 300k miles. She went from Kayenta to Casa Grande on one tank of gas and, even in her advanced age, can still rock 29 mpg.

In Tucson, it was about running errands and doing a few things before we checked in.

Like checking out the Madaras Gallery, which B wanted to do.

I didn’t save any of the photos, but dinner was FINALLY at El Torero. The cheese crisp was good, but the tortilla wasn’t fried like it is at Casa Molina, so it got a bit chewy by the end. B got chicken tortilla soup which he loved, but even the small was a meal unto itself, so take that into account if you go. He did NOT need to order the extra taco. I had a chicken enchilada – which was okay – and a green corn tamale which was OUTSTANDING. El Torero is owned by the same people who owned Lerua’s (which died thanks to eminent domain for the Broadway project – learned that story) and everyone always said Lerua’s was the best for green corns. Well, they weren’t wrong. I would go back and only eat the green corns. SO GOOD.

Friday, January 28

Friday we woke up to some hella wind – hi, Tucson. We know. We did breakfast at the hotel and then met up with Noel and Joy for coffee and to give them pie. And cookies.

Good on B to make sure we got a photo.

After coffee, B dumped me off at the gem show and he went off to play some golf.

I finally saw a T. rex. I almost bought it. I probably should have since I NEVER SEE THEM. $140 wasn’t bad, either.

Did I also want this $10,500 T. rex skull cast? Yes. Can I afford that? No.

Insanely awesome native Mexican beadwork creations.

Pink amethyst heart of my dreams. Stupid tent that ended up being only for wholesalers.

After this, B picked me up and we got some food – eegee’s for an eegee and ranch fries and Lucky Wishbone solely for some shrimp and garlic toast. Then he decided to join me at the next show.

B and gong.

The pants were the hit of the day. I got so many compliments on them.

From there (and yes I bought things), it was off to Gates Pass for the sunset.

Do I love B pondering photos? Because I do.


And I kind of forget what we did for dinner that night …

Saturday, January 29

Since we apparently only got breakfast at the hotel one day, we tried a newer place near the hotel in Toast 101.


Totally cute. Would go back.

From there, we hopped over to the Mercado district to get a short run in. Running back, I saw the largest tree in Tucson.


The reason we were over there was, of course, because of La Estrella Bakery. Our haul – a cinnamon roll, a Mexican wedding cookie, a bear claw, two empanadas, and a doughnut – cost us less than $8. They’re the best. And the most delicious.

Quite possibly the best doughnut I’ve had in Tucson – and one of the best I’ve had ever. I also love the light that showed up in this shot.

We also hit up Starbucks before going back to the hotel to pack up the car. B dumped me back off at the gem show for another 15 minutes so I could quickly pick up some things for other people.

I also took advantage of the return trip to take a picture of the $800 opal that still haunts my dreams. So … pretty …

From there, it was time to leave town. However, we did one more detour … to The Thing, since it’s been redone. The price is up to $5/person now (up from … $.75? $1.75? the last time we went), but it is 100% worth the amusement factor.

I’m also not going into all of the details – gotta save some of the mystery – but the world building they went into? Is honestly quite impressive. So, the pictures I’m sharing without context on purpose.

Also not showing you The Thing itself. Sorry not sorry.

Then it was actually on the road for good, stopping in Albuquerque for the night and Texas RoadHouse for dinner since that is apparently road trip food for us. Bar seating was our savior there.

Sunday, January 30

We did hotel breakfast and Starbucks and then hit the road for a fairly uneventful drive home.

With some unintended beauty at a rest stop in New Mexico.

The only other big detour we made was at Colorado’s newest state park, Fisher’s Peak. As I hit all the state parks back in 2018, the fact that a new one came around meant I needed to go see it. Since I don’t know if I’ll be that far south in Colorado again before we move (and our moving date got pushed up anyway), we took the opportunity to quick stop by.



So glad I was able to make it down for the gem show and now I maybe need to go back every year. But for longer.

1.28 sunset on Gates Pass

dusty air
wind swirling
clouds look promising
last light stunning
saguaros swaying
clouds might seem too dark
(but i know better)
(i’ve seen this before)
the desert wants you to have patience
and faith
and it will reward you
as it always does
if you’re in tune,
if you respect it,
if you listen closely
the desert will always
give your soul what it needs.
1.28 sunset on Gates Pass, 1.31.22

On 2021 and 2022

2021 was harder than 2020 in a lot of ways.

It was better, too, don’t get me wrong:
– I got to travel internationally again (Costa Rica)
– I got to see a concert again (Shinedown, because who else?)
– I got to race triathlon again

But mostly, it was harder. I didn’t hit most of my triathlon goals because I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Training was a struggle since who knew if the race would just get cancelled again?

One thing I deeply learned about myself this year is that I do NOT do waffling. Indecision drives me absolutely batty. And the world? It did nothing but waffle and change its mind. Given that, it’s no wonder that I struggled.

Masks on or off; be closed or stay open; just pick one and make up your damn mind. This back and forth does NO ONE any good. And none of it is working.

Speaking of the giant elephant in the room from the past two years, B and I did come down with the ‘rona. We’re 99% sure we got it at said Shinedown concert. It was a relatively mild case (I thought it was just allergies, given my sneezing (which, until omicron, was one of the few things NOT a symptom)) – but we maybe figured it was more than a cold/flu when B started losing his taste. I lost about 85% of my taste – taste was definitely dulled, but still there – and I can’t smell half the time anyway, so that wasn’t a good indicator for me. But B could not smell his morning coffee which is a tragedy upon itself.

We weren’t down long – B had more of the fever/chills situation (never that high though)(mine never got much more above 99/100) – and both of us have hella antibodies now.

I also unequivocally 100% do NOT regret the Tennessee trip or the concert. If, somehow, I got it way worse and died, at least I went out doing what I love. I got to race one more time. I got to travel. I got to see my favorite band one last time. What better way to go? We all gotta die sometime, and I’d rather not go with many regrets. I’m also glad I try to do my best at being a healthy individual as I’m sure it helped. Zinc and Vitamin D (although that may have also screwed with my thyroid so I’m officially off of THAT now) and hydration and we kept moving as best as we could through it.

(I’m also not angry with whomever was actually sick and went out to wherever we got it, whether it was the race itself, or a bar in Nashville, or the concert. What point would there be? I took that risk when I traveled, and I accepted the consequences. Done.)


In terms of the goals I had for the year that I posted last January, I didn’t really succeed. Which whatever. I did write at the bottom of the post that “All of these things I can do regardless of the state of the world. All of these things will help me become my best, truest self which will help me show up better for others.” Regardless of me “failing” at said goals, I do believe I did get closer to my best and truest self. And part of that is due to one very simple thing I’ve done for almost the last two years – a daily gratitude practice.

I started writing down a daily intention before that, but in April 2020, I added in a daily gratitude list. At least three things, every night, of what I was grateful for that day. It has helped SO MUCH. You may have read something along the lines of, “If you think everything is terrible, it will be and if you think you’re blessed, you will be.” It is 100% true. It’s not toxic positivity; I fully acknowledge things still suck. But I can be grateful that the things that suck aren’t worse. That there is still good to be had in every single shitty situation. If you can get there, it makes life so much lighter. B has recently started doing this himself and it has helped him immensely in a short amount of time.


But what for 2022?

I’ve already signed up for another IRONMAN (Lake Placid, in July). We have tickets to three concerts (Shinedown (obvi), Nightwish, Rammstein). And the most important thing of all, we’re moving out of CO to SLC in the spring. Packing and saying goodbye (quietly) and finding a new place – alongside training – will consume my life for the next few months.

I’ve thought about intentions and goals for the next year. I have some, even though I’ll probably put bigger and better ones in place in April (New Moon in Aries – start of the Zodiac year and, according to the boss, a better time to actually set intentions/resolutions for the year ahead).

They are:
– I am going to successfully train for IMLP, and I am going to go no more than 15:15
– I am going to nurture friendships
– I am going to find a wonderful house in SLC
– I am going to travel successfully
– I am going to see a Gila in the wild again
– I am going to have great success in Vegas
– I am going to finish Labels (book project) and I am going to generate interest in it
– I am going to be a better wife
– I am going to hold up my end of my universal contracts
– I am going to be generous
– I am going to continue to shine my light brightly

And I believe that I am going to hit every single one of them.