Images of Tucson

… Have I seriously not blogged in over a month here? Well, I’m about to remedy that quite a bit within the next few days. I have a lot of ideas/planned posts that I unfortunately just haven’t gotten around to putting up.

The first is right now. At the end of January/beginning of February, we took a mini-vacation to Tucson, Ariz. We mainly went to go to (reasons why detailed here at the ol’ tri blog) but just enjoyed some mini r and r.

Nothing too exciting from the trip, but I did have a little fun with the camera …

Hotel at night.

Hotel at night.

Lucky Wishbone star light.

Light again; slightly different angle.

Black and white.

While this isn’t a dining post, I will take this opportunity to pimp out the ‘bone while I’m here. Lucky Wishbone is a Tucson institution, having been around since the early 1950s. My dad, having grown up in Tucson, has probably been eating there since then. The menu and overall feel of the restaurant(s – multiple locations) have hardly changed since the 1950s. I think they changed their fry recipe (or at least the oil) a few years back though – those have gotten MUCH worse. However, the Guaymas shrimp (from Mexico) that they fry up is seriously the best fried shrimp on the planet. I exaggerate not. Both my mom and my hubby love the steakfingers and the whole family adores the garlic toast that comes with every meal. So delicious.

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