Valentine’s Day at D Bar

Hey, I’m only getting to this post a month late.


As we did for New Year’s Eve, we went to D Bar Desserts for one of their special tasting menus. Compared to NYE, I thought the VDay tasting menu was worse. They did have one dish that was far and above anything served on NYE, but overall, I was ever so slightly disappointed.

The first course was oysters – fried.

flash fried oysters * cara cara oranges * not yo mamma’s remoulade * micro salad

This was the first time I believe either of us had eaten oysters. They were … different, to say the least. Definitely a lot less scary than say, on the halfshell, but still … odd.

The second course … I did not eat. The antijitos (small bites) were unfortunately way too spicy for this girl.


pulled chicken hand pie * guerilo * mole poblano * coctel de camarones

Brandon really enjoyed the chicken hand pie … and the rest? Not so much, unfortunately.

Because the staff at D Bar is incredibly accommodating, I got their dressed avocado instead.

evoo * fresh lime * maldon salt & cracked pepper * small spring salad

I never thought I could eat a whole avocado just like that … but I did. Brandon also liked having it around as it was a nice counterpart (think: guac) to his Mexican-inspired dish.

Next course was probably the best thing we ate at either of the tastings – the tenderloin. I should mention that we had the choice between escolar (fish) or the tenderloin and we should have been smart and got one of each … but the tenderloin looked too good to pass up. Which it ended up being.

wilted spinach * bacon lardons * root vegetable puree (3) * red wine demi

OMG outstanding. Also awesome: that bottom root vegetable puree was from a Peruvian purple potato … something we had just read about in Botany of Desire. Funny how that works out.

Next up were the dessert courses, which didn’t have descriptions.

The first one was a “Tasting of Citrus.”


Brandon, being citrus boy, loved this one. For me and my sensitive (or overloaded) taste buds, it was a bit too much tartness for me. I couldn’t finish it, unfortunately. Presentation, though, was an A+. Totally cool looking.

Course two was “Madagascar Passion.”


This set of dishes was a mix of chocolate and passion fruit stuff. The first item, the little heart tart, was good, but I was a bit taken aback about how hard the tart was. I guess I was hoping for something a little … easier to eat for lack of a better phrase. The middle souffle was my favorite – my only complaint was that there wasn’t enough of it. The final bite was very similar to one of the chocolate and mango dishes from NYE and it was tasty.

The final sweet course was, once again, petit fours. This time, though, I got a picture.


The chocolate-covered strawberries were awesome. The rest of it … well, we love Keegan and the D Bar staff, but they can get a bit too creative for our admittedly simple tastes. The majority of these were testament to that.

Regardless, it, as always, was a great time and worth what we spent for the experience and a chance to expand our food horizons, even if our palates didn’t always agree.

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