Adventures in Cooking

I’m not a great cook. I’ll be the first to admit it. Nor will I probably ever be an outstanding cook, given that I’m not a fan of heavily spiced foods or anything spicy. That being said, I do still enjoy cooking from time to time and have really started to play with presentation. One thing I’m learning is that presentation really does make a difference … even if you’re just cooking for one (or two) as I often do.

As this blog is titled “Girl Exploring Life”, I figured why not share me exploring the kitchen?

And don’t worry, this will not be a food blog, even though it feels like it’s turning into one.

Thai fried rice; attempting to recreate one of my favorite dishes at a Thai place near the BU campus.


Chicken scallopine on a bed of egg noodles and cremini mushrooms.

Close-up of the Greek salad I had alongside the chicken scallopine.

This meal was a good example of playing with plating …

As you can see, grilled salmon atop brussels sprouts and roasted orange bell pepper on a bed of long grain and wild rice.

I cook a lot more, but not everything looks so awesome.

Probably no more updates from me for a little bit … probably not until after our Boston trip in about two weeks. Life hasn’t been all that exciting lately – a lot of work and a good amount of training.

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