Honeymoon Trip: Post Ten

27 Oct. 2012
4:24 pm Denver time

Wow, I never came back to this. Let’s see what else I remember …

I know I watched a few more movies on the flight – Clueless and Mission: Impossible. I also watched an interesting documentary on Costco and its popularity. But the flight was very long and very … ugh. I probably read more of my nook, too.

We landed in LAX, cleared customs, got our bag and then got back in the security line … where we were right next to Randy and Jason Sklar. Not A-list celebs by any stretch of the imagination, but Brandon and I enjoyed them both on ESPN’s old “Cheap Seats” show and the few times we’ve caught them on the “United Stats of America.”

After security, it was a long wait before our flight back to Denver. Both of us were ravenous so we got food – Brandon some Carl’s Jr. and me some chowder in a bread bowl. After way too long, we got on the flight and promptly decided to sleep … the entire flight. We got into Denver way late (after 10p), went home, and crashed.

The next day, we were up earlier than expected, went to the Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver expo … and ran the race the next day. But that’s not part of this story … is it?


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