Vegas, My Old Friend

Back in mid-May, Brandon and I decided to take another trip to Vegas. We’d been saving money since Christmas for a “Vegas Fund” so we could have a bit more fun and be able to gambleĀ a decent amount for a change (well, definitely for Brandon – he wanted a larger bankroll for craps). The timing worked best for both of us to do May, so May it was. It was also right before IM training officially kicked off so if we slacked a tad in our workouts, it didn’t matter too much.

The trip was fun, as always, but I feel it could have been more so. We stayed at the Luxor this time around, and in the pyramid for the first time ever – something I DON’T recommend. We’re either going to stay at Mandalay next time we go or somewhere completely new. Brandon did a lot better gambling than I did, even winning a poker tournament – I failed horribly at slots (although really, should I be surprised at this?) and only really accomplished a whole hell of a lot of walking around.

In any case, we saw some new things, saw some old things and decided that we’re probably not going there again until, hopefully, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and 1/2 in November 2014.

 photo vegas_zps5b0563a6.jpg
Cool art installation in the new terminal at McCarran.
 photo vegas2_zps7701979a.jpg
The former Key Largo casino.
 photo vegas4_zps3ca11cf0.jpg
Looking down the center of the pyramid.
 photo vegas6_zps82552464.jpg
 photo vegas8_zps6ad2582f.jpg
Outside the Mirage.
 photo vegas11_zpsa20d20b7.jpg
My first time walking around Vegas with booze in my hands. I am SO not the typical visitor to this town …
 photo vegas13_zps8abd9c36.jpg
After running the strip, with my buffet at MORE at Luxor, free thanks to the wonderful facebook game that is MyVEGAS.
 photo vegas19_zps327e80ad.jpg
World’s largest chocolate fountain at Jean-Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio.
 photo vegas21_zpsb1ebd7bc.jpg
Crepe, delicious crepe.
 photo vegas23_zpsd5ed7696.jpg
 photo vegas24_zpsd0f03913.jpg
 photo vegas25_zps2db8e1c7.jpg
 photo vegas27_zpsbaaec00f.jpg
 photo vegas28_zpsbf22913a.jpg
So the … courtyard? … at the Shops at the Palazzo changes its theme regularly, kind of like the conservatory at the Bellagio. This time when we visited, it had this very cool blossom display. I fell in absolute love, thus the plethora of photos.
 photo vegas29_zps59be77e7.jpg
 photo vegas33_zps6ed713c2.jpg
 photo vegas35_zps82f4baa9.jpg
Bellagio fountains.
 photo vegas40_zps174bde5e.jpg
 photo vegas44_zpsf24a0bb1.jpg
 photo vegas45_zps3ffa3fd6.jpg
Mirage volcano show, a Vegas first for us.