Second Quarter Style: 2013

As Ironman training ramps up, I don’t have quite as many opportunities to play with style (or I’m too exhausted to care that much), but I had a couple occasions where I thought I did okay.

 photo 6-6outfit_zpsb205d519.jpg
We went to go bug a friend at his trivia night; I had no reason to dress up except for the reason that I felt like it. Dress is from Target.

 photo nicoles_baby_shower7_zps40feb8ab.jpg
 photo 6-22outfit_zpse9013509.jpg
 photo 6-22outfit2_zpsc052b5bf.jpg
 photo 6-22outfit3_zps6890e7a8.jpg
I went to my sister-in-law’s baby shower (going to be an aunt in September! … or August. depends on if that kid’ll stay in …) and decided to have a bit of fun dressing up. Dress, bracelet from Express; necklace from J.C. Penney; belt and shoes from Target.

 photo ceremony13_zps9f7d8a63.jpg
As you saw in the previous post, we went to a wedding in June. Weddings obviously mean dressing up. Dress is from Kohl’s; shoes from JustFab Online.

Nicole and Angela’s Wedding

In June, Brandon and I went to the wedding of one of my old assistant managers. As it happened to be, it was a same-sex wedding – first I’ve been to, first I’ve been invited to. Brandon was a bit iffy – he was fine going to the wedding, as we were both friends with Nicole and her fiancĂ©e, Angela, is awesome (and has the cutest smile), but he was still unsure about the whole gay marriage thing.

But, going to the wedding, he changed his mind. It was a wedding, just like any other, except both parties were wearing dresses. There were still vows, there was still (some form of) cake, there were favors, there was alcohol, there was dancing … and most importantly, there was love.

Here are my pictures from that day.

 photo favors_zpscedc2842.jpg
 photo favors2_zps3d8e6bc4.jpg
 photo favors3_zpse3b3a671.jpg

 photo chairlift3_zpsc3363df8.jpg
 photo chairlift4_zpsa317a7c7.jpg
Chairlift at Granby Ranch to the wedding site.

 photo ceremony_zps2bc727c7.jpg
Columbine up near the site.

 photo ceremony2_zps4409ec04.jpg
View from the top.

 photo ceremony4_zps7a6aba84.jpg
Brandon and I up at the site.

 photo ceremony5_zps76b867ad.jpg
 photo ceremony6_zps3da8dc2f.jpg

 photo ceremony7_zps73b98903.jpg

 photo ceremony8_zpsc5d5768b.jpg
 photo ceremony9_zps154b10f8.jpg
Couple. (Nicole on the left, Angela on the right)

 photo ceremony10_zps9f48ec3a.jpg
Photographer attempting to get a shot of those assembled … and I do mean attempting.

 photo ceremony12_zpscb424d43.jpg
A former coworker, Nicole, with her fiancé Chris and their son Breck.

 photo ceremony16_zps946c9d7c.jpg
Sign up at the top of the mountain.

 photo present_zpsc4be888e.jpg
Bow on the present we brought.

 photo cakepops_zps9b77aebf.jpg
Cake pops.

 photo nicole_bouquet_zpsdac02caf.jpg
Nicole’s bouquet.

 photo angela_bouquet_zps188f2f60.jpg
Angela’s bouquet.

 photo cupcakes_zpsd88406b8.jpg

 photo sand_thing_zps4bae9a6a.jpg
Unity sand they made with their families.

 photo entrance_zps1d412d19.jpg
The brides are announced into the room.

 photo dinner_zps0effc672.jpg
Dinner from the buffet.