Carnival of Madness

A week ago Tuesday, September 10, the Carnival of Madness came to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colo. Shinedown headlined, with Papa Roach, Skillet, In This Moment and We As Human. Given how much I raved about Shinedown last time they were in town and given the fact that this show was at Red Rocks, only the coolest concert venue ever, it was obvious that I was going to buy tickets.

Unfortunately, like last time, Brandon couldn’t go with me. This time, it was due to him upgrading to captain and therefore being in airline training. Luckily he was able to go to their St. Louis show on 9/7 thanks to my cousin Mike, who does sound for Papa Roach.

In any case, unbelievably awesome show in the rain. It rained off and on from when I got there (at the end of In This Moment) until the Shinedown set … where it dried out until the encore when it poured and pretty much didn’t stop for the rest of the week.

The set list was very similar to last time; it is, once again, thanks to
I’m Not Alright
The Crow & The Butterfly
I’ll Follow You
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
If You Only Knew
Sound of Madness
Second Chance
45 (first verse and crowd participation
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

Also thanks to Mike’s unbelievable generosity, I got a set of drumsticks (Tony Palermo; Papa Roach), some PR guitar picks, a shirt (with a sugar skull!), and a VIP pass so I could watch part of the Shinedown set from the sound booth and hang out with Mike on the bus. The only thing I asked for – and felt a little guilty for – was to see the legendary signature tunnel at Red Rocks … and it was totally cool and totally worth it.

Any regrets? Brandon thought I might have been able to meet the bands … which may have been possible after the show if it weren’t for the horribly miserable rain, but as AWESOME as that would have been, it wasn’t something I was expecting. So yeah, a little sad, but can’t be sad about something I never thought I would get. My main regret was actually not getting a picture of me with my cousin, since I rarely see him. Dangit.

I also regret not getting to the show earlier for a better spot. I was waaaay off to the side – obstructed view, they’d call it – and couldn’t really grab good quality photos. Boo.

Anyway, pictures!

 photo shinedown_zps94d85a06.jpg
In This Moment. I missed most of their set – what little I heard wasn’t bad, though. I did miss the other opening act, We As Human, so I can’t speak to them.

 photo shinedown2_zpsf064c62e.jpg
Mike setting up on stage with his crazy orange in-ears.
 photo shinedown3_zps3f6e0960.jpg
Papa Roach.
 photo shinedown4_zps6f0adec4.jpg
Creepin’ on Mike while he’s doing his actual job of sound mixing.
 photo shinedown6_zps7d216401.jpg
 photo shinedown8_zps236c3d10.jpg
 photo shinedown9_zpse4214e40.jpg
Crowd totally into Papa Roach.

While yes, I mainly got tickets for Shinedown, it was really cool to see Papa Roach live – they put on a great show. Very high energy – lead singer Jacoby Shaddix kept hopping into the crowd and I swear went at least 30 rows up. They are entertainers for sure and it was fun to see.

Next up was Skillet – they and Papa Roach switch off on the tour as to who’s second to the main act. Skillet is a Christian group and seemed a little out of place on the tour, honestly. The music wasn’t bad and I liked a few of their songs, but the energy? Lacking. I saw a whole bunch of people sitting down during their set and that shouldn’t happen during an awesome show. The music should speak to you so you WANT to stand and sway and clap your hands and stomp your feet or what have you. Skillet didn’t inspire that in the crowd.

I basically used the Skillet set to wander around to try and thaw my limbs out … which meant buying a sweet burnout Shinedown tee at the merch booth and talking with Mike quite a bit. I was okay with this.

 photo shinedown11_zpse1b29a10.jpg
Logo on the video boards.

 photo shinedown12_zpsd62474b6.jpg
Shinedown opening with fire dancers (it IS a carnival, supposedly) and one of my new favorite songs by them, “I’m Not Alright.”
 photo shinedown13_zpsa891bf18.jpg
 photo shinedown14_zpsbb880280.jpg
 photo shinedown16_zps3b047d13.jpg
 photo shinedown17_zpsacd6d80b.jpg
Crowd lighting up the Amphitheater for “The Crow & The Butterfly.”
 photo shinedown18_zps394f41c7.jpg
 photo shinedown19_zps31c374f7.jpg
The creeper view of Brent Smith (that is, from the sound booth). Best perk of being back here? Closer to the pyrotechnics – warmth!
 photo shinedown20_zpsb17ee216.jpg
These cords make the music happen. Also: set list.
 photo shinedown21_zps265309cd.jpg
Closer view of Zach Myers and his AWESOME ARGYLE SOCKS OMG WANT. Yes, I like argyle. Yes, I lusted over his socks. Yes, I’m weird.
 photo shinedown22_zps6372e745.jpg
 photo shinedown25_zps12179183.jpg
More carnival people – this was during the encore; either right before or right after “Sound of Madness.”
 photo shinedown29_zpsf4deac9e.jpg
 photo shinedown32_zpsf9a36a0b.jpg
Brent Smith and Zach Myers on the railing (in the rain) for “45”/”Simple Man.” Getting soaked like the rest of us.
 photo shinedown33_zpsd718afbe.jpg
 photo shinedown35_zps8f49c6b0.jpg
Near the end of “Bully.”

And because I had to, the signature tunnel:
 photo red_rocks_zpsf76ea56d.jpg