Holidays 2013

This holiday season was a weird one – Brandon flew on Christmas and we had the hardest time ever getting into the holiday spirit. Decorations were up for … maybe three weeks? and we didn’t even bother with lights this year. That being said, we still had a bit of fun – mostly thanks to events Run Colorado, our running store, held.

Before Christmas, they held an ugly sweater party and a cookie swap party. I used Pinterest to create my fabulous sweater/outfit, but I lost by one measly vote to the eventual winner. Which is okay for two reasons:
1.) I voted for her; and
2.) Winner got two entries into the Ugly Sweater 5K, and I wasn’t really running at the time, so the entries would have been wasted on me anyway.
 photo run_co_usp2_zpsa2a19d42.jpg
Kristen, our winner. Fruit cake guarantees hideousness.

 photo run_co_usp3_zps1dc0c283.jpg
Leanne, essentially third.

 photo run_co_usp7_zps6f5ebde0.jpg
Yours truly, T the Christmas Tree (complete with tree skirt … skirt)(and second place). Inspiration taken from here and here.

We also had a cookie swap party – we brought sugar cookies (Brandon made, I decorated) and two versions of my thumbprints – the regular, and a gluten free version. These have officially become our cookies – I’ll share the recipe soon.

 photo run_co_cookie2_zps033b0ad3.jpg
Thumbprints seen; decorated sugar cookies in background also ours.

Brandon missed out on my family’s annual Christmas Eve dinner, unfortunately, but I dragged the skirt back out and got to see my niece … who was kind of cranky that night.

 photo xmas_eve2_zpsb7a6ccf5.jpgWe got her into pj’s soon after that and she was a lot less cranky.

Brandon was gone because he was in Washington D.C. for work. He’s a sneaky one and worked it out with my manager to not work the 26th so I could see him on his long layover. It was awesome not only because I got to see him, but also because one of my old college roommates, Amy, lives just south of D.C. in Virginia and so she and her husband (who I hadn’t met yet) were able to drive up and join us for breakfast the 26th, which was awesome.

After breakfast, we went into the city to see the National Christmas tree.

 photo dc2_zps49f60185.jpg
Brandon and the Minnesota tree.

 photo dc3_zpsa5681ab8.jpg
The actual National tree. We were underwhelmed. Maybe it’s better lit up?

 photo dc5_zps7d26cd40.jpg
Colorado tree.

 photo dc6_zps892033e0.jpg
Oh hey look, White House.

Once Brandon was home again a few days later, we did our actual Christmas in terms of opening presents and stuff.

 photo delayed_xmas_zps0dca2a1c.jpg

We didn’t do anything really for New Year’s Eve this year except make dinner, but that morning we did go to Run CO’s annual NYE morning run … and got to play with the cutest bulldog puppy, Kona.

 photo run_co_nye2_zpsf984bf12.jpg

Maybe next year we’ll be more excited for the holidays … but looking back at this, it doesn’t seem like it was so bad.

Images of Boston: 2013 Edition

After Ironman, we went to Boston for a few days. Brandon’s team, the University of North Dakota was playing mine, Boston University, in hockey. Since we couldn’t go to Grand Forks last year when BU played up there, we decided to take a few extra days after Arizona and head to Boston.

It was a simple trip – not too much touristy stuff – we mainly walked around a bit on a clam chowder tour of the city – four cups of chowder in two days. But it’s Boston, and we both love the city, so it was worth it.

 photo boston_zpse1286c1a.jpg
Thai fried rice at Brown Sugar Café.

 photo boston2_zps6b812e63.jpg
All my time in Boston and I somehow never noticed this in Copley Square. All the names of the marathon winners (male and female, able-bodied and wheelchair) are engraved around it.

 photo boston4_zps201721a7.jpg
Brandon in the Public Gardens.

 photo boston5_zpsdf056713.jpg
Awesome knotted tree.

 photo boston6_zpsf409d31c.jpg
Bobby Orr “Goal” sculpture outside of the new Garden.

 photo boston9_zpsf1249717.jpg
Chowder stop number one: Warren Tavern, in Charlestown.

 photo boston11_zps923d2d31.jpg
Hey look, Paul Revere!

 photo boston12_zpsc756a8ef.jpg
North End. Right before pastries at Modern.

 photo boston13_zps91b65deb.jpg
Chowder stop number two: Union Oyster House. Cornbread was fantastic alongside it. This was probably ultimately our favorite of the four.

 photo boston14_zps4d68f66b.jpg
Outside Union Oyster House.

 photo boston17_zps9a153dbf.jpg
BU dino Gustave at Agganis Arena for the first time (for a hockey game).

 photo boston20_zps2a9dc9d6.jpg
Hockey people will know why this scoreboard is a fail.

 photo boston21_zpsa4f87091.jpg
Marsh Plaza.

 photo boston23_zpsdb74427b.jpg
Gustave in a BU cycling jersey.

 photo boston24_zps747f59bf.jpg
Dinosaur story time.

 photo boston28_zpse474f748.jpg
Chowder stop number four: Boston Chowda Co. Not pictured: Legal Sea Foods.

Order of preference?
1. Union Oyster House
2. Legal Sea Foods
3. Warren Tavern
4. Boston Chowda Co.

 photo boston29_zps18c21089.jpg
Lone remaining Boston Marathon bombing memorial in Copley Square.

Ironman Arizona Trip Photos

Hoo boy, has it been way too long since I’ve posted in here. I’d like to try to post more regularly here, but I’ve got some catching up to do.

Here are the posts I need to do to get caught up to present day:
– IMAZ travel post
– Boston trip
– a holiday post
– a combined third and fourth quarter style post
– Mythbusters exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Important, because I’ll have another Stock Show post soon, too. But, first things, first: IMAZ.

The main chunk of last year was spent training for Ironman Arizona. If you’re curious on how the race itself went, you can read the links from my tri blog:
Race Day

But the race wasn’t the whole story. There was a drive to and from the race site. There were various photos taken. Here is a smattering:

 photo 11-12_car2_zpsf7df8f95.jpg
The car packed up with all our stuff.

 photo 11-12_drive_zpsf4d31d33.jpg
Stop in the Springs to see our friend Norm.

 photo 11-12_drive4_zps61a0b0fd.jpg
New Mexico border.

 photo 11-12_drive10_zps51d8000b.jpg
Solar panels outside Hatch, N.M.

 photo 11-12_drive13_zps149077fe.jpg
Union Pacific train.

 photo 11-12_drive14_zps53c6b926.jpg
Arizona border.

 photo 11-12_tucson2_zpsc5a4e345.jpg
The old Lucky Wishbone location on Swan.

 photo 11-12_tucson3_zps0d85c32a.jpg
In front of the sign of the new location on Swan.

 photo 11-14var4_zps02e03578.jpg
Brandon flopped in a hotel.

 photo 11-14var8_zps006c1824.jpg
Lamp (saw cool angles).

 photo 11-15_tempe_zps67d49794.jpg
Random restaurant in Tempe.

 photo 11-15_tempe7_zps0a3caa6e.jpg
Mike with his chocolate milk.

 photo 11-15_tempe8_zps71f17974.jpg
Brandon and his chocolate milk (Minnesota boys, I swear …).

 photo 11-15_tempe9_zps72c7f669.jpg
With my incorrect and disappointing galaktibouriko.

 photo 11-16_prep7_zps594e9fa4.jpg
Run gear bags.

 photo 11-18_post4_zpsec735020.jpg
Post-race cigar.

 photo 11-19_car3_zpsa94d2208.jpg
We did it!

 photo 11-19_drive2_zps3e5ffd3c.jpg
Northern Arizona.

 photo 11-19_drive3_zps044b73ec.jpg
Four Corners.

 photo 11-19_drive4_zps45596416.jpg
Four Corners.

 photo 11-19_drive5_zps8fa6e5e1.jpg
Four Corners.

 photo 11-19_drive6_zpsa3988d7c.jpg
Four Corners.

 photo 11-19_drive7_zpsf58c44dd.jpg
Colorado border.

 photo 11-19_drive9_zps47f4a1b1.jpg
Mural in Durango, Colo.

 photo 11-20_drive_zpsce07f724.jpg

 photo 11-20_drive2_zps34c1c6c4.jpg