Utah and Dinosaur National Monument

Earlier this month, we drove to Utah to race a half-marathon (which, if you want to read about, you can do so here).

The drive to Vernal, Utah, took us through parts of Colorado that I’d never seen before, which was exciting.

Meeker, Colo.

We passed by a lot of livestock – we estimate we saw close to 10,000 head of cattle over the weekend – and got paused on some county road due to a sheep drive.


Right before the border, we hit the best town ever for Team Baby Dinosaur:
Dinosaur, Colo.!

About 20 miles after that was Utah.


The next day, we took a quick trip into Dinosaur National Monument – Utah side. We definitely plan on going back and camping – the area is huge and definitely deserves way more than the few hours we gave it – but we didn’t want to walk around a whole lot due to our race the next day and we didn’t have all that much time.

We ended up taking a short hike and seeing the Fossil Bone Quarry, which was one of the coolest things ever and TOTALLY worth it.



Brandon and petroglyphs.

In front of some cool rocks.

Kidlets on the path.

Sign in the bone quarry.

Brandon and Nelson next to a thigh bone.

Dinosaurs and dinosaurs. So the quarry wall was left behind because paleontologists had gotten enough bones out of the site (well, of the dinosaurs that were found there) so they decided to leave the site and all the bones.

Brandon looking out at the vast.

Afterward, we went to the Utah Field House museum (more dinosaurs!) and packet pick-up.

Saturday, we raced and then left town.

Dinosaur in Vernal they dress up for the holidays.

We went a slightly different way back home – through Craig, Hayden, Steamboat Springs. We stopped in Kremmling for a bite and so Brandon could catch the Kentucky Derby. Then continuing on US-40 to I-70 and back home.

US-40 sometime before Craig.

First Quarter Style: 2014

Plus a bit from fourth quarter 2013 that I apparently missed. Oops.



Early December. Forget where I even went; thought I looked cute. Beanie is from the Gap – one of the first Christmas presents I ever got from Brandon. Jacket is American Eagle; turtleneck from Kohl’s; necklace from J.C. Penneys; jeans are Seven for all Mankind; Boots are Lauren Ralph Lauren (and I LOVE them); socks from Target.



Went to Jelly for brunch in late January; went to the Cap Hill location so this is me attempting to be a hipster. Clearly I failed, since I am not a hipster and therefore cannot be one. Anyway: short-sleeved shirt, Gap; long-sleeved shirt, tights and scarf from Target; skirt from Express; North Face boots; bracelet from … I think a jewelry store offshoot of Forever 21.

Super Bowl outfit to watch the Broncos fail horribly. Broncos shirt, Seven for all Mankind jeans, Lauren Ralph Lauren boots, Target belt.




Outfit for 5280 week. Dress from Express; tights from Target; boots from JustFab; no idea on the necklace. Probably Claire’s. This is also me wearing makeup, which is rare.