Denver Chalk Art Festival

Earlier this month, Denver held its annual Chalk Art Festival. I’ve known about it for years and have always wanted to go. This year, Brandon was home and I decided you know what? We’re going. I had a race that morning in Louisville; we came home, I showered and we headed downtown.

We almost didn’t go – traffic/construction downtown was JUST. THAT. BAD. – but we finally gave up, found a garage, parked and walked to Larimer Square where the festival was being held.

 photo chalk_zps1b79f5de.jpg

There were a ton of artists featured – many still working on their creations. Most of the artwork was reproductions of famous pieces; some, representing a company (I believe their sponsor? Not 100% sure …). It was really crowded and hard to get a good look at everything, but I was able to get a few pictures of my favorite pieces.

 photo chalk2_zpsa71dcdc8.jpg

 photo chalk4_zpsd5774c7c.jpg
Beautiful Art Deco piece.

 photo chalk5_zps65869c3d.jpg
Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?”.

 photo chalk7_zpsd06d7a8a.jpg
Hokkusai recreation.

 photo chalk9_zps54fdc5fc.jpg
Hungry Hungry Hippos. (Brandon loved this one.)

 photo chalk10_zps63e0162c.jpg
Blue horse of death from DIA.

 photo chalk13_zpsb630fda4.jpg
I believe a Colorado twist on Serendipity.

 photo chalk14_zps4b1619b2.jpg
Not sure the original artist/inspiration, but love the black and white.

I would say I would definitely go to this again, but the crowds made it really difficult to say. We went on the third day (of three). I would say I’d prefer to go on day one, Friday, but I don’t think many if at all of the pieces would be completed … seeing as we went midday on day three and some pieces still weren’t finished.

If you DON’T mind crowds and heat and whatnot, go, definitely go, as the artwork is outstanding.