Third Quarter Style: 2014

Summer is always fun for playing around with style and I was able to do so a bit. I had some outfits that I just forgot to take pictures of, but I managed with some others.
 photo 4th5_zps76e2605d.jpg

 photo 4th11_zpsbf171ee5.jpg

Outfit for the Fourth of July. SkirtSports headband, cheap dinosaur necklace, tank tops from J. Crew and Target, skirt from Express, shoes Anne Klein sport from Off Broadway Shoe warehouse.

 photo 7-10outfit_zps3e683b0d.jpg
 photo 7-10outfit2_zps6eb10e7a.jpg

Random dress-up. Shirt from Forever 21, earrings from Target, shorts from Old Navy, Sofft shoes.

 photo 7-16outfit_zpsf5225c78.jpg
 photo 7-16outfit2_zps6e77e59d.jpg

Shirt from H&M, shorts, earrings and shoes from Target, SkirtSports headband, Express bracelet.

 photo 9-5outfit_zpse906c057.jpg

Sweater from the Gap, pretty much everything else (shoes, belt, shorts) is from Target.

Within Temptation Concert

While I’m a fan of a lot of different types of music, it seems I’m mainly going to metal shows these days. I think I should blame the husband on this one …

Anyway, Within Temptation came to town on September 27 and since they’re one of Brandon’s current favorite bands, he bought us tickets. I’ve known about them since my college days, as my roommate Amy was a fan.

It was a small-ish show – just WT and Amaranthe, which was happy for me as it meant I could get to bed before midnight (lord I’m old). Our friend Jeremy likes Amaranthe a lot, but this was the first I heard them – they’re pretty good.

However, the Within Temptation set blew me away. The few Shinedown shows I’ve seen recently have been amazing, but Sharon and the crew legit brought me to tears a few times during the show. It has been a long, long time since music has moved me that much. If they come back to the states on their next tour, I will 100% go again.

And now, the photos, because really, this wouldn’t be complete without them.

 photo wt_concert_zps91e7fca6.jpg
Marquee at the Gothic. This was the first show I’ve ever been to at the Gothic – wasn’t bad, but I think I prefer the Bluebird.

 photo wt_concert3_zpsb0ae3a68.jpg

 photo wt_concert4_zps515acb86.jpg
Husband in between sets.

 photo wt_concert5_zpsf3a6996e.jpg
Lead singer Sharon den Adel, before she ditched the jacket.

 photo wt_concert6_zps49078ff9.jpg

 photo wt_concert10_zps16db7bb2.jpg
The band. Thought it a tad strange the drummer was behind plexiglass …? Maybe he just gets that sweaty …

 photo wt_concert11_zpsc4cb4a82.jpg
Sharon with these super cool fringed arm sleeves.

On the Great Minnesota Road Trip

In late August, I took a little over a week off work to drive to Minnesota for a small vacation. I detoured through Indianapolis to pick up Brandon from recurrent training and then continued on north. We hit up the Minnesota State Fair and I got to see the North Shore for the first time, which was super exciting (for me). Here is a glimpse into the trip, in photos.

 photo 8-21drive8_zpsdf2fbfff.jpg
Working early on little sleep and then driving far (Denver to Independence, Mo.) meant I needed to stay awake. This photo is of me the most caffeinated I’ve been since probably high school.

 photo 8-22drive4_zps87936e08.jpg
Well played, random Indiana sign. This actually makes sense.

 photo 8-22drive6_zps8b055959.jpg
Dinner view in Indianapolis.

 photo 8-23drive5_zpsaae50c52.jpg
Norske Nook, in Osseo, Wisc. Supposedly really good pie. I was disappointed in said pie.

 photo 8-23drive7_zps7ea795f3.jpg
Across this bridge and into Minnesota.

 photo fair3_zps4dc9b431.jpg
At the State Fair. Seen eating a dough-sant, the Minnesota version of a cronut. Super tasty.

 photo fair10_zpse50eaa92.jpg
Brandon’s face after trying my breakfast sausage (in pancake batter) on a stick.

 photo fair23_zps3fac9591.jpg
From the top of the Giant Slide.

 photo fair32_zps702a2815.jpg
Deep-fried pumpkin pie. Quite possibly the best thing I ate at the fair that day.

 photo fair37_zpsf75c4a64.jpg
Dinosaurs and cheese curds.

 photo hhof2_zps5bf3a789.jpg
U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth, Minn.

 photo eveleth6_zpsa02e2b95.jpg
World’s largest hockey stick in Eveleth, Minn.

 photo ely6_zpse92e2679.jpg
On Shagawa Lake in Ely, Minn. Brandon spent a lot of his youth fishing for walleye on this lake.

 photo duluth2_zps6bc35862.jpg
With my delicious walleye sandwich for dinner at Grandma’s in Duluth, Minn.

 photo split_rock2_zps236f4992.jpg
Being a nerd at Split Rock Lighthouse.

 photo split_rock4_zps1669e849.jpg
Split Rock.

 photo split_rock10_zpsba0ca4b7.jpg
Dinosaurs at the lighthouse light … playing their own form of Wipeout.

 photo split_rock16_zps2fd680be.jpg
Split Rock.

 photo split_rock25_zps44031503.jpg
Lighthouse selfie.

 photo gooseberry2_zps6f0d701c.jpg
Gooseberry Falls.

 photo gooseberry8_zpsec3a02e1.jpg
Upper Gooseberry Falls.

 photo 8-27lunch_zps29c2bba9.jpg
View at lunch near Two Harbors, Minn.

 photo black_bear_zps7d9d73b6.jpg
Sign at Black Bear Casino in Minnesota. Silly snowmobilers …

 photo geist_house8_zps599dfa59.jpg
Driving a tractor at the in-laws’ house.

 photo 8-28ride4_zps45601017.jpg
With the Herb Brooks statue just outside the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn.

 photo 8-28ride10_zpsc5921b32.jpg
At Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minn.

 photo 8-28ride12_zpsd8c06856.jpg
Izzy’s Ice Cream, St. Paul, Minn.

On Civic Center EATS

While I get in the terrible, terrible habit of delaying these blogs until the things contained within are no longer around, the topic of today’s post isn’t over quite yet! Okay, so Thursday’s the last day, but still …

Anyway, for the past nine years, the city of Denver does a thing called Civic Center EATS on the vast majority of Tuesdays and Thursdays from late May through early October. Essentially, a bunch of food trucks converge on Civic Center Park from 11am through 2pm to feed you delicious, delicious lunch. We’ve considered going for at least the past three years, but finally only made it this year.

And then we went twice. The first time was in the midst of date day to the zoo and the DMNS.

 photo cceats_zpsf64eb6a2.jpg

 photo cceats2_zpsc63bb944.jpg
The masses of people.

 photo cceats3_zps8abe3953.jpg
Where I got my lunch.

 photo cceats5_zps2fc4dbf4.jpg
Mmmm, chicken souvlaki pita.

 photo cceats4_zpsf14a51b3.jpg
Brandon and his sliders.

 photo slyderman_sliders_zpsf58c572c.jpg
Slider close-up.

The first time we went, we went on a Thursday. The second time, on a Tuesday as different trucks will show up each day. Certain trucks are only Tuesdays, others Thursdays; some, both days.

The second time, we met downtown after we both got off our respective jobs. I forget exactly what Brandon had, but I had a lobster BLT:

 photo lobster_blt_zpsd763e3c8.jpg
Thinner bacon probably would have been better …

If you’re in Denver mid-week in the summer and want a fun (and possibly affordable; depends on how crazy you get …) lunch idea, Civic Center EATS is a fantastic option.

On the DMNS Maya Exhibit

This past spring and summer, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science had an exhibit on the Maya. As a I took a Mayan archaeology class in college (oh, electives …), I really wanted to make this exhibit. So, in mid-July on a mutual day off, Brandon and I made it a point to head to the DMNS (and the Zoo – hit up both on the same day) to see the exhibit.

The exhibit was really pretty cool – it had a plethora of artifacts from several different sites. It also had some fun interactive stuff. Below is a smattering of photos.

 photo maya_zps134ff5fe.jpg
Sign at the entrance.

 photo maya2_zpsaa8b0dff.jpg

 photo maya4_zps15378fdb.jpg
Dresden Codex. Important text when it comes to the Maya.

 photo maya6_zps587f699f.jpg
Turtle (with a bit of Maya myth included).

 photo maya7_zps0673bd6b.jpg
You could create your own Maya names. We could also create our own stelae, which was cool.

 photo maya10_zps13ff7c9f.jpg
Ball game.

 photo maya11_zps1275afb9.jpg
See that “Courtesy Peabody Museum” thing? Yeah, I spent a bit of time there in college for that Maya class. It made me laugh.

 photo maya14_zpsc1e4b4d2.jpg
Brandon being a rockin’ Maya dentist.

 photo maya16_zps8ebde672.jpg
I created a pattern!

Very fun time. One of my favorite exhibits at the DMNS in recent memory.