Winter Park Resort Ski Trip

Back in the beginning of our relationship, Brandon and I would go for ski trips around Valentine’s Day. After the demise of the Ski Train, that kind of stopped.

However, we’ve managed to revive the tradition the last two years. Last year, we spent the night post-skiing and we stayed at a lodge in town. This year, we went up the night before skiing and stayed a short gondola ride away from the base – a much better option.

If you talk to a Coloradoan who skis, we all have our favorite resort. I’ll admit that I haven’t skied too many places, but after growing up on Winter Park and loving it, why would I WANT to ski anywhere else?

 photo winterpark2_zpslesvwibb.jpg
Riding the gondola to the Village.

 photo winterpark3_zpsgzuk5f1m.jpg
Train play area.

 photo winterpark4_zpsf94j6ndj.jpg
Brandon warming himself up at a fire pit.

 photo winterpark5_zpsoaxen3zc.jpg
The giant Coke fan hanging out with the Coca-Cola polar bear.

 photo winterpark7_zpszifiqsds.jpg
Making s’mores.

 photo winterpark9_zpskkm4rsgz.jpg
Free s’mores every Wednesdays.

 photo winterpark10_zps60auxdon.jpg
Amusing sign outside one of the bars.

 photo winterpark11_zpsljoopyx2.jpg
Ski chair.

 photo winterpark17_zpszrscdbqr.jpg
Cone dude at one of the chair lifts.

If you want some photos of us on the mountain, check out the tri blog.