Tucson Spring 2015

Creative blog titles I have not.

I’ve gotten badly behind on here, for a very, very good reason – we bought a house. There will be a post on that soon, but I’ve got to get caught up on the befores, first.

First, Tucson. This trip was initially planned as a mini training camp for us, but as house stuff got overwhelming (the pre-closing process is awful, man), it ended up as more of a stress-relief trip.

We went a different way – out I-70 through Utah and down into Arizona, as we were staying with Aunt Judy and Uncle Bernie for a night and we didn’t want to go I-25 to I-40, as that was mind-numbingly awful last time we did that drive. 70? A much better choice.

 photo 4-8drive5_zpsfoecbucb.jpg
Utah hills.

 photo 4-8drive8_zpsskbhypgt.jpg
Monument Valley.

 photo 4-9family_zpsq8tt83cl.jpg

 photo 4-9random_zpsfaeyx385.jpg
Desert first – a roadrunner in the wild! I ended up seeing a few this trip …

 photo 4-10cactus3_zps5caerspl.jpg

We also decided to play a bit of tourist this trip and see a few things we hadn’t before.

 photo 4-11titan3_zpsddlfosl5.jpg
Saguaro close-up.

 photo 4-11titan4_zpsisrcmvlo.jpg

 photo 4-11titan6_zpsjy7qfeac.jpg

One of those things included the Titan Missile Museum, which I had never seen as a kid, understandable as it opened in 1986 and my dad really didn’t think about it, I guess? Still, as a (U.S.) history nerd, it was cool and a piece of Cold War history.

 photo 4-11titan7_zpsbzg9zcxn.jpg
(The old-style Jeep was there as a movie about an explosion at a different missile silo was being shot on site.)

 photo 4-11titan10_zpscks4yvzc.jpg

 photo 4-11titan13_zpsbyq1ot95.jpg

 photo 4-11titan14_zpshytgdhiu.jpg

 photo 4-11titan15_zps3dbvhu8v.jpg
Missile itself.

 photo 4-11titan18_zpsxntogp1e.jpg

 photo 4-11titan23_zpsvqimpoa5.jpg
Missile from above, outside.

Another tourist place that I hadn’t been to in years and Brandon had never been to was Old Tucson, a film studio where many Westerns have been shot (Rio Lobo, Rio Bravo, parts of McClintock to name a few).

 photo 4-11oldtucson_zpst7wjh7gg.jpg
(And clearly “The Last Outpost.”)

 photo 4-11oldtucson2_zpsuvnyxf6p.jpg

 photo 4-11oldtucson3_zpsnt6ll48u.jpg

 photo 4-11oldtucson4_zpsfb7dzbqa.jpg

 photo 4-11oldtucson5_zpsqsly4vwx.jpg
(Dance photos from the Can-Can show.)

 photo 4-11oldtucson10_zpsdaathgix.jpg
Most-photographed locomotive ever.

 photo 4-11oldtucson11_zps4lv38jbw.jpg
I found a bike.

 photo 4-11oldtucson12_zpsprqezdly.jpg
Taken because Cripple Creek? Is in Colorado.

 photo 4-11oldtucson17_zpsc5jywffy.jpg

 photo 4-11ride_zpshufnkcs0.jpg
Seen on a ride.

 photo 4-12cave2_zpsuyfai3qs.jpg
I hadn’t been to Colossal Cave in years and Brandon was interested … so in we went.

 photo 4-12cave3_zpsbm7fltzw.jpg
Dinosaurs outside.

 photo 4-12cave6_zps0a7qyxmj.jpg

 photo 4-12cave8_zpsfmhbtr25.jpg

 photo 4-12sunset_zpsaqxcecvx.jpg
Sunset on our last night.

 photo 4-13drive_zpswj1dbuij.jpg
Triple T truck stop and where we grabbed a very early breakfast leaving town. I’d always seen this place, but never stopped … glad we did. I love greasy spoon, truck stop breakfasts.