Second Quarter Style: 2015

I’m a little delayed with this one … Oops. I really should just resign myself to the fact that I’m probably going to be behind in posting all the time.

  photo 4-21outfit_zps4dc3khgq.jpg

Outfit I wore to that Nightwish concert. Bracelet from JustFab Online, shirt from Express, 7 for All Mankind jeans, boots are ancient that I got YEARS ago from Hot Topic.

 photo 6-18outfit_zpsoz9wlpci.jpg

Worn to the Mythic Creatures exhibit. Headband I forget, scarf from Charming Charlie, shirt from H&M, shorts Paige Premium Denim, Brooks Boston Marathon special edition Lobster Launch 2 shoes.

(sneakers in a style post? I read that it’s actually a thing … and you’ll see more of that thing in the third quarter post.)

Mythic Creatures at DMNS

Driving to work down Speer every day, I see a lot of banners for exhibits going on at the local museums. One such exhibit (that I’d also seen a lot of friends on facebook go to) was Mythic Creatures at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Therefore, one afternoon, we decided to go.

We also decided to get a museum membership, for a few reasons:

1.) If you go … twice, I think, … it pays for itself, and we average two or three visits a year.
2.) Being a member means free admission to other various museums around the country due to an affiliate program (LVNH would be free if we wanted to go again).
3.) Museum membership is totally one of those “adult” things to do.
4.) If we have a membership, we totally won’t feel bad about going to the museum solely for the special exhibits and ignoring the rest of it.

In any case, the Mythic Creatures exhibit was pretty cool. A little interesting, as clearly the creatures aren’t, you know, found in nature, but as with everything, all myths have roots based in fact. A mermaid is really (somehow) a manatee. Sea creatures are delusions thanks to lack of nutrients. Or whatever.

Behold, a sampling of photos:

 photo mythic_zps5tqfdjht.jpg

 photo mythic2_zps2lxpzsdh.jpg

 photo mythic3_zpswdzvpe0d.jpg

 photo mythic4_zps2zkler84.jpg

 photo mythic6_zpsiwhoixuu.jpg

 photo mythic7_zpsbvo8ngrh.jpg

 photo mythic8_zpsusdogsch.jpg

 photo mythic9_zpsme5dl9ns.jpg

 photo mythic10_zpsxzov3uac.jpg

 photo mythic11_zps3ipevyr5.jpg

 photo mythic13_zpsbrpeha5z.jpg
Not all mythic creatures are ancient … (not pictured: jackalope)

 photo mythic14_zpsvam6csnc.jpg

 photo mythic15_zpsjlmvittt.jpg

 photo mythic16_zpsv5edpy30.jpg

What really sold me on going were the fun green screen photos people posted. Here are ours.

 photo dragon_zps3jxgcetz.jpg

 photo unicorn_zps5xevvmbb.jpg