SoCal 2016, Day Two

… way later than I wanted to get to this, I’m back for the second day of our baby trip to Southern California.

We spent the night in Santa Barbara in a Holiday Inn Express, but the building used to be a different hotel and is on the National Register for Historic Places.


We ate a bit of the hotel breakfast (yay pancake machine!) but wanted better coffee so we left the hotel and walked down the main drag in town. We couldn’t really find a good local coffee shop, so had to settle for *siiiiiiigh* Starbucks. It’s okay, though, because we bought a “You are Here” LA mug for our friend Jeremy who collects them. After coffee, we were apparently still hungry and stopped at a local restaurant, Joe’s Cafe, for second breakfast.

I had this breakfast sandwich, which sounded really good on the menu, but was actually quite underwhelming. Good breakfast is hard to find for us, because we have kind of mastered breakfast in the kitchen …

After that, we left the hotel, drove around town for a while so I could see the places Brandon went when he overnighted there a few years back, and then back on the PCH to head back to LA.

Stopped on the Pacific Coast Highway.

We decided to do this trip on the complete fly and not plan for it – completely NOT like us at all – and while it kind of worked on day one, it failed us on day two. We ended up back in LA not knowing what to do at all
(though we randomly did find ourselves at the home of Jeopardy! …). I wanted to see Rodeo Drive, so we drove through through the hills to get to Beverly Hills. We didn’t actually stop to browse Rodeo (though maybe we should have), so no pictures from that.

From there, all Brandon knew was that he wanted to get his toes in the sand, so we randomly headed to Hermosa Beach.

Enjoyed the sign on this place.

Feet in the water.

Brandon looking out over the water.

I wrote in the sand.

Dinosaurs enjoying the view.

After beach time, we found a hotel pseudo-near the airport in Long/Manhattan Beach, chilled out for a while … and then went to probably one of the worst possible options for dinner …

Yep, Sizzler. Neither of us had eaten at one in, geez, probably close to 20, 25 years?, and after a very … adequate … dinner, we decided we don’t need to go back for at least that long again. See ya, Sizzler, see you again when I’m in my 50s. Maybe.

Since dinner was, shall we say, disappointing, Brandon found us a local ice cream shop. They didn’t have my standbys, unfortunately (coffee and/or mint chocolate chip), but they did have a killer chocolate that worked quite well.


Ice cream consumed, back to the hotel to sleep and then off to LAX the next morning to head back to Denver.


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