About T

A trained journalist.
A lifelong wallflower and the girl that was “never cool” trying to find her own niche in the world.
A hockey player-turned-triathlete.
A wife.
A dreamer, a traveler, a woman in her 30s who retained her ginormous imagination.
A creative spirit trying to once again find her spark.
A person probably more honest than she needs to be and is not afraid one iota to call people out on their bullshit … which is probably why she was “never cool.”

I am the above and so much more. I live in Denver, Colo., with my pilot husband and my baby dinosaur children (remember the imagination?). I went to school at BU to become a broadcast journalist (and a hopeful hockey broadcaster), but to be perfectly honest, didn’t have the desire I needed to do so. I dabbled as a college hockey journalist for a few years (part-time) and along with that, have worked at a giant retail megastore, a big box gym, and for a coffee giant as a barista.

While I have a solid sense of self, I still have a nagging sense of inferiority, particularly when concerning the people from the snooty, upper-class high school I attended. I see on Facebook how they’re all doing and how successful and whatnot that they are and I feel like I don’t measure up. Logically, I know that what you see is not always the real story, but hey, I’m human, damnit.

This blog, in many respects, is a way of trying to find myself, my new voice. I want to write about movies, books, restaurants, my travels, roads and maybe even my style … what little there exists of it. Like most blogs, this is going to be a journey … and hopefully it’ll be an interesting and worthwhile read along the way.

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