Saints and Sinners Ball

Also known as Shinedown round three.

Way back on Halloween, Brandon and I went to go see Shinedown (double-headlining with Breaking Benjamin and alongside Nothingmore) at 1stBank Center in Broomfield, Colo. This was my third time seeing Shinedown and second time at 1stBank Center.

Let’s start off with the first two acts.

Nothingmore opened with the theme song to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the band came out in costume … dressed up as the Turtles.


Their music wasn’t necessarily my style, but they were good performers. Some bands that have been around for years (*cough*Uncle Kracker*cough* don’t have the stage presence that these guys did. Their drum stuff and some of their theatricality (like with this awesome creation:
reminded Brandon a bit of Blue Man Group.

The night we saw them was their last night on the tour, so they took a giant selfie with the crowd at the end of their set.


Next up was Breaking Benjamin, who also embraced the day and came out in Star Wars costumes.


Brandon was really excited to see these guys and they did put on a great show. They threw out candy to the crowd. They grabbed a sign from an audience member (sign was for said member’s significant other serving overseas) and brought it up on stage to sign,
giving a great shout out to our service men and women before playing “Unknown Soldier.”

Going on with the Star Wars theme, they did a great mash-up of the Imperial March and a few other covers – Schism, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Walk. Probably my favorite musical moment of the show.

I forget which song they did it for, but they had all the house lights turn off and had all of us light up the arena with our lighters (that is, cell phone flashlights) to show how much light we can bring and it was fairly fantastic to see how much light it was.


They ended up their set by grabbing a whole bunch of fans from the crowd and bringing them on stage to sing “The Diary of Jane,” and to have a chance to be on stage with their favorite band, which was super, super cool.


Finally, Shinedown.

First, pictures:


Barry Kerch with some killer make-up going on.

So there was this stuffed Eeyore at Brent Smith’s feet and I’m not sure why …

Zach Myers with some face paint.

Brent Smith and Zach Myers.

Near the end of the show.

Thoughts on the show:

The Good:
– Music was fantastic, as always.
– They also threw out candy into the crowd.
– They played “How Did You Love,” probably my favorite song off the new album.

The Not So Good:
– They really didn’t embrace the Halloween theme like the other bands did. Okay, so they tossed out candy, and Zach and Barry had some face paint on, but that’s it. A little disappointing.
– For it being the “Threat to Survival” tour, I expected way more songs from the new album, as opposed to … three. Come on now, guys.
– I’ve seen this band three times … and I’ve essentially seen the same show three times. If the show I’m going to see of theirs in March (hopefully) is basically the same show again … I may not want to go see them anymore because I don’t want to spend my money on the same. exact. show. over and over again.

On the plus side, Brandon was able to get one of Barry’s drumsticks (unfortunately it’s just plain; doesn’t have his name on it like the Papa Roach sticks we have) and I was able to somehow snag a Breaking Benjamin guitar pick at the end of the night. Woo!

Shinedown Concert

I don’t go to many concerts. I did in college – a lot of small, local bands, mainly – but only a handful over the past several years, with the last obviously being Epica. A lot of it is due to cost – concerts are expensive, man. That being said, if I really like a band, I know I’d try to make it work.

Enter Shinedown. I think I had heard their stuff – maybe – off and on, but I was really introduced to them by Brandon, who’s known about them since 2003. So, when I heard they were coming to Denver (well, Broomfield, which is close enough), I decided that we were going.

Slightly easier said than done. We thought the show was Tuesday, 3.26. Legit could have sworn that was the date. Brandon put his work request thinking Tuesday night as did I. Then, I go to get the tickets, and it’s Monday, 3.25. So, since the date … changed? we’re stupid? something? … Brandon couldn’t go (was in Kansas City that night) and I couldn’t really change my work schedule around to be off on Tuesday (though I did get stuff switched so I could come in at 6am instead of 4:15am), so I could go, but I wouldn’t get much sleep.

Luckily, my friend Claire is awesome and decided to come with (even though she had to be at work at 9am) and be my date.

The show was up in Broomfield at the 1stBank Center. I’d been there once prior – back in … 2006, I think? 2005? … for a CHL game to see the now-defunct Rocky Mountain Rage, but never for a show. Or anything else.

Venue wasn’t bad – I think I’m partial to smaller ones, just given my concert history – but still relatively intimate given it’s size. We had floor “seats”/general admission which wasn’t bad. I would have liked to get a bit closer to the stage – like I did at the Epica show – but didn’t happen.

Opening act was P.O.D. We got there in the middle of their short set. I owned their CD (or at least the one with the songs that everyone still knows – “Boom,” “Alive,” “Youth of the Nation”) back in the day. It was okay, but nothing special.


Next up was Three Days Grace. Going into the show, I didn’t think I knew anything by them, but after hearing them play, I definitely recognized quite a few of their songs. I listened to them again after the show on iTunes and, like Insomnium at the Epica show, I think they’re better live. I was pretty impressed with their show and liked the post-apocalyptic Las Vegas theme they had with their backdrop.


One of my favorite parts of that show was when the drummer went off on a solo that lasted several minutes. A small part of me still wants to learn to play the drums even though I know I totally don’t have the discipline (or the money) to learn.


Next up was obviously Shinedown. I originally thought they were the headliner, but given the length of their set and of Three Days Grace’s, I’m pretty sure it was a double-headliner.

Here’s the setlist, thanks to
The Crow & The Butterfly
Save Me
I’ll Follow You
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
If You Only Knew
Sound of Madness
Second Chance
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

All in all, pretty damned awesome.

Here are the photos I took from the show … you can tell I was a bit far back.

During the “Simple Man” section … since it really was a section.

A few other notes:
– I would SO pay to see them again. Fantastic live show. That, and Brandon needs to come next time.
– They didn’t play my favorite song (“Call Me”), but they played numbers 2 and 3 in “Second Chance” and “If You Only Knew,” so I was happy.
– I took video of “Diamond Eyes” for Brandon as his consolation prize.
– I LOVED the fact that the band was dressed up, so to speak, in shirts and ties for the first part of the set. Very dapper.
– Lead singer Brent Smith can be happy in the fact that yes, I did follow his advice and taunted Brandon for not going to the show and yes, he does hate me for it and regrets not being there. Silly work.
– Smith was also right about music elevating oneself and floating out of the building, because I had Shinedown in my head the entire next day at work. Still do half the time, if I’m being honest with myself.
– Can they come back to Denver? Like, tomorrow? Kthx.
– LOVE the message of “Bully,” and the story of Amanda Michelle Todd that they share, but I have two nitpicks – 1.) it’s hard to read Todd’s story on the video screen and try to watch the band perform and 2.) did that seriously have to be the last song? Way to leave us on a depressing note. I’m sure it’s purposeful in that the powerful message is the last thing you encounter and therefore, it’s ideally the freshest in your mind as you leave, but still!

In closing: if you enjoy rock music and you get the chance to see them, DOOOOO IIITTTTTT.