Date Night in the Time of COVID

As you might know by now, we like to do a monthly date night. We started it … two years ago, I think? … and have kept it going since.

Sometimes it’s simple – just dinner out. Sometimes it’s a bit more.

But what do you do when everything’s closed?

You figure out a way to do date night at home.

First of all, you dress up, because sweats aren’t gonna do it.

Secondly, you get take out from a place you’d maybe normally do dinner at if it were a normal date night.

In our case, we went to Rio, which we’ve done a few times for date night before. Mainly because we love their damn fajitas.

Although they offered their (in)famous margs to go as well, we just made our own at home.

Next, you do a fun activity. In our case, it was building a couch fort in which to watch a movie in.

Or attempting, as the case may be. We successfully made one at our apartment back in the day, but this effort? FAIL.

Tried to make it taller … that may have been our downfall. And maybe lighter blankets/sheets would have worked better. Who knows.

As a result, you want to have a solid plan B. The husband actually came up with a great one – make a super comfy spot on the floor in which to watch a movie on.

Couch cushions under a ton of blankets to have a comfy spot to snuggle on.

Finally, we rented a movie on DirecTV in order to make it more “date-like” as opposing to just choosing something out of the DVD collection. In our case, it was something I’d seen before but B hadn’t – the LEGO Movie. I did not guess who much he’d love it, but he did.

And in full disclosure, we changed into comfy clothes for the movie part. There are perks to date night at home, and one is not having to stay in heels.

Hoping we can do something a bit more out and about for May, but if not, we know how to improvise.

On Miner’s Maze Adventureland

Like I so often do on here, I get so behind in posting. I have been busy this summer and I will do my best to get caught up here in the next few weeks before I make new adventures.

Earlier in the year, I saw a LivingSocial deal for Miner’s Maze Adventureland, a mini-amusement park within Heritage Square in Golden, Colo. It looked like the kind of fun thing that would be a perfect excuse for a date with the hubby, so I bought it.

It ended up being a great deal – I paid $18 and it got us four attractions (a 2-for-1 deal if you buy the pass, or a $72 value if we had paid for each thing separately).

We did the Miner’s Maze itself (beat the clock in finding random things in the maze) as well as the Rocky Mtn. Ropes Course:

(Did not grab a shot while on course. Would have been a bad idea.)

The maze was “meh” while the ropes course was fun. Definitely tested balance, strength and agility.

After that, we channeled our inner hamsters by trying the Water Walkerz – a LOT harder than it looked.

Brandon getting zipped up.

Brandon falling after attempting to walk.

Good to try, but after a while, I really wanted out of that ball. Probably will never do that again.

The final activity we tried was the Silver Spring Bungee – get strapped in, hop on a trampoline and flip if you want to.

Brandon flipping.

Me bounding (it took a while before I felt comfortable enough to flip. I miss my youth where I would flip with abandon …).

All in all, a good deal and a fun date. Probably better if you know, actually have kids.