Creativity Corner: Masks and Pillows

… or really just a pillow, but y’know.

With the whole COVID-19 thing going on, masks have become important. And regardless on whether homemade masks actually do anything (or not) … they’ve become the currency we pay if we want to venture out somewhere, so whatever.

Since I’m a bit crafty, I decided to make some (since purchasing was an issue in the early days). I was able to track down some Colorado Rockies fabric and made both B and I a mask. One of my old managers from the ‘Bux saw the photos on IG and asked if I could make Rockies masks for her soon-to-be stepdaughter and husband. Obviously I said yes … and since I had leftover fabric, I also made a pillow.



Cool, huh? I made a different style for myself which I obviously forgot to photograph – otherwise, I would have put it here. I recently was finally able to track down some Vegas Golden Knights fabric, so I’ll make a few out of that for both B and one of his pilot buddies.

And maybe then I’ll remember to take some photos.

Creativity Corner: Sewn and Plush Things

… awkward post title, since I have two things I’ve made to share. Hooray?

We did Secret Santa draws in both my Team SFQ group and my Skirt Sports group this year. As I like adding in something a little more personal, I put in a tiny something homemade in each package. For my SFQ gift, I made a tiny little pillow with the SMASH hummingbird logo on it.


Told you it was tiny; whole thing fits in my hand.


For my Skirt sister gift, my chosen recipient said she likes homemade ornaments, so I did a tiny plush ornament in the shape of the Skirt logo.


I tossed her name and the year on the back.

Close-up detail. Not 100% happy with how this turned out, but for a first try, I’ll take it.

Creativity Corner: Dino Pillow

A good friend of mine had a baby back in December and I had wanted to give her something dinosaur-related for the kid, since that’s what we do. I was out of the typical dino stuffed animals we keep on hand and I didn’t have time to try and make one (she had to move back to Canada), so I made a cute applique dinosaur pillow.

I would have done a T-Rex, but they’re not so easy to do in silhouette. Dinosaur outline found online and hand-sketched on to fabric; cut out and sewn on before making pillow. All hand-sewn.


I forgot how quick and easy it is to make pillows … and how much I enjoy doing it.