Second Quarter Style: 2018

Oh hey, five outfits again! Only one not from Italy, though …


Sunglasses: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s
Scarf: JustFab Online
Shirt: Gap
Shorts: Paige Premium Denim
Bag: street vendor in Florence
Shoes: Birkenstocks


Long sleeve: I ❤ Ronson (JC Penney collaboration)
Shirt: Gap
Scarf: JustFab Online
Skirt: Apt. 9


Scarf: JustFab Online
Sunglasses: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s
Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT
Dress: Skirt Sports
Shoes: Birkenstocks


Sunglasses: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s
Coat: Calvin Klein
Dress: Skirt Sports
Shoes: Crown Vintage
Handbag: Florence street vendor
Rolling Suitcase: Victorinox


Not worn in Italy, but to May date night.

Sunglasses: Target
Necklace: Attic Salt
Dress: Smashfest Queen
Shoes: JustFab Online


First Quarter Style: 2017

I actually have four outfits as opposed to three. Whaaaaaa?

January date night outfit.

Necklace: New York and Company
Bracelet: gift from Brandon
Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT
Pants: Candie’s
Shoes: JustFab Online

Travel outfit.

Headband: Smashfest Queen
Sweater: Rubbish
Skirt: Skirt Sports
Boots: JustFab Online

Valentine’s Day dinner outfit.

Necklace: Kate Spade (V-day gift from hubby!)
Top, Skirt: Express
Shoes: JustFab Online

March date outfit.

Necklace, Sweater: Target
Dress: Kohl’s
Shoes: Born

Second Quarter Style: 2016

I really need to remember to take more pictures when I feel like I have a cute outfit on, even if it’s not carefully curated … only three for this update.

Wore this to “Newsies” at the Denver Performing Arts Center.
Dress: Kohl’s
Cardigan, shoes: Target

Travel outfit.
Shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet
Skirt: Skirt Sports
Shoes: Impo

Outfit I wore to a wedding.
Dress: Skirt Sports
Necklace, earrings: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: Impo
Sunglasses: Avon

Second Quarter Style: 2013

As Ironman training ramps up, I don’t have quite as many opportunities to play with style (or I’m too exhausted to care that much), but I had a couple occasions where I thought I did okay.

We went to go bug a friend at his trivia night; I had no reason to dress up except for the reason that I felt like it. Dress is from Target.

I went to my sister-in-law’s baby shower (going to be an aunt in September! … or August. depends on if that kid’ll stay in …) and decided to have a bit of fun dressing up. Dress, bracelet from Express; necklace from J.C. Penney; belt and shoes from Target.

As you saw in the previous post, we went to a wedding in June. Weddings obviously mean dressing up. Dress is from Kohl’s; shoes from JustFab Online.