On The Great Minnesota Get Together

Last year, the husband and I decided to skip Minnesota’s state fair and actually check out Colorado’s. It … was disappointing, to say the least. So, this year, we went back out to Minnesota. Much better.

It was actually a fairly simple trip, as far as fair visits go. Didn’t really try much new (except the apple version of the Minneapple pie), but enjoyed our favorites.

 photo mn_state_fair3_zps25f34aa9.jpg
Love the pepper building … even if I’ve never tried their food.

 photo mn_state_fair4_zpsrddcqy8g.jpg
Never ever knew the Fair had a grocery store, but it is a cool little place.

 photo mn_state_fair6_zps4oi8bjsr.jpg
I love cheese curds, but even I don’t think I could eat a family-size bucket of them … *urp*

 photo mn_state_fair7_zpsr4wmnuqa.jpg
Scarecrow as part of an exhibit in the Agriculture building.

 photo mn_state_fair9_zpsikck54ni.jpg

 photo mn_state_fair13_zpsyo9qzumz.jpg
The fair had these guys around the fairgrounds to take selfies with. We did not.

 photo mn_state_fair14_zps6nrzchl8.jpg
Because it’s not a fair trip without chickens.

 photo french_meadow_dough-sant2_zpsh8yxiyh0.jpg
Mmmm, dough-sant.

 photo fair_corn_dog_smoothie_zpsekljp67i.jpg
Tried a smoothie. It was okay. B might be switching up his corn dogs …

 photo mt_cheese_curds2_zpsltsp8bpd.jpg
Not a bucket, but a boat of curds.

 photo fresh_french_fries2_zpsgdbz0syu.jpg
Realized I needed a photo halfway through snarfing these.

 photo fair_fries_shake_zpsm8zgy2v0.jpg
Because french fries and chocolate shakes are a fantastic pairing.

 photo minneapple_pie_zpsrfoty4pn.jpg
Our deep-fried pumpkin and apple pies. I loved the pumpkin last time, but having the two together made me like the apple way better.

Colorado Has a State Fair?

Well, clearly, I knew that it did … I’ve just never been. Thanks to the husband, I’ve been to Minnesota’s state fair plenty of times, but Colorado’s? Nope. It’s down in Pueblo, it’s hot down there, it’s a crap drive, no one really likes Pueblo (not even some people I’ve known from there) … why would I want to go?

Still, going is something I felt like I should do. We finally decided, you know what, screw it, we’re going this year. We did a long ride in the morning of September 6 and then drove down to see what the Colorado State Fair is all about.

 photo cofair_zpsj9roi8cl.jpg

First impressions are that it’s a lot smaller than the Minnesota State Fair. It’s definitely less of a big deal here in Colorado as it is in Minnesota, where the fair is known as the “Great Minnesota Get-Together.”

We waited in the admission line which was horrible – line was wrapping around the corner and they had, at any one time, two (of six or eight) windows open. For a brief second, a third window was open, but that got closed quickly.

If you go, buy tickets ahead of time if possible.

We walked in and our first thought was FOOD. (We were possibly a bit hangry from our ride still.) Too hungry to walk the entire fair to see what was up for food options, we saw some barbecue truck and split a pulled pork sandwich. I’m so glad we split it because it was … not good. Still, food is food, and it helped calm us down to the point of thinking straight again.

We were right near some cows and a milking demonstration (they were letting kids milk cows), so we decided to walk over and check it out. Brandon got nommed on by a calf; it was kind of cute.

 photo cofair2_zps5xvr9jqz.jpg

Like in Minnesota, there was an ice cream/milkshake stand attached to the dairy bar. One of the dairy bars in Minnesota’s is a must-stop for Brandon (chocolate milkshake), so he decided to get one in Colorado to see how it compared. It was good, but not quite as good, according to him. Me, I got a root beer float. Needed more ice cream.

With even more calories in our bellies, we started walking the fair. It didn’t take nearly as long as it does in Minnesota because the Colorado State Fairgrounds take up … maybe a third of the space as in Minnesota? I was disappointed that the shops and stalls were very generic with stuff I felt like I could get anywhere. There was a lack of local crafts and artisans which was disappointing.

 photo cofair3_zpsrjg5twlu.jpg
Both state fairs I’ve been to have some variation on this – some church food booth that’s been around forever.

The Colorado State Fair also lacked in food. The Minnesota State Fair is known for its food; Colorado’s … well … there wasn’t a lot of originality. We passed by a bacon booth that looked okay:

 photo cofair4_zpssj76bflt.jpg

and I stopped there for the bacon-wrapped chicken and the chocolate-covered bacon. The bacon-wrapped chicken was super dry and the chocolate-covered bacon paled in comparison to Famous Dave’s pig-lickers (that you can get at Coors Field, even). We didn’t even finish it.

The creative arts building was okay – not quite as cool or as large as Minnesota’s, but crafts are crafts and you’ll always see different things. One thing that was quite nifty in that building was this:

 photo cofair5_zpsnbcjx86u.jpg

So. Many. Colorado. Plates. I happen to like our license plate, so this display was really neat to see.

I did notice one food item in Colorado I hadn’t seen elsewhere – deep-fried Nutella. I was tempted to get it, but I didn’t.

 photo cofair6_zpszwvgflux.jpg

 photo cofair8_zpsiqca7vpc.jpg
I also found this lemon lemonade stand cooler than the root beer barrels at the Minnesota State Fair.

I do feel like the midway in Colorado was bigger than Minnesota’s Mighty Midway … if not slightly more ramshackle.

 photo cofair9_zpshymydoqe.jpg

Was it worth going to? Yes, because now I’ve gone and I don’t have to ever go again. Would I advise it? Well … anything’s usually worth doing once, and I’ll agree with that statement in this case. If you’re a Coloradoan like me, it’s NEVER a bad thing to help support your home state’s economy. If you haven’t been to a different state fair, it also might be worthwhile. But if you’ve been to Minnesota’s, or Iowa’s, or Texas’s … just know that it’s not going to be as good.

On the Great Minnesota Road Trip

In late August, I took a little over a week off work to drive to Minnesota for a small vacation. I detoured through Indianapolis to pick up Brandon from recurrent training and then continued on north. We hit up the Minnesota State Fair and I got to see the North Shore for the first time, which was super exciting (for me). Here is a glimpse into the trip, in photos.

 photo 8-21drive8_zpsdf2fbfff.jpg
Working early on little sleep and then driving far (Denver to Independence, Mo.) meant I needed to stay awake. This photo is of me the most caffeinated I’ve been since probably high school.

 photo 8-22drive4_zps87936e08.jpg
Well played, random Indiana sign. This actually makes sense.

 photo 8-22drive6_zps8b055959.jpg
Dinner view in Indianapolis.

 photo 8-23drive5_zpsaae50c52.jpg
Norske Nook, in Osseo, Wisc. Supposedly really good pie. I was disappointed in said pie.

 photo 8-23drive7_zps7ea795f3.jpg
Across this bridge and into Minnesota.

 photo fair3_zps4dc9b431.jpg
At the State Fair. Seen eating a dough-sant, the Minnesota version of a cronut. Super tasty.

 photo fair10_zpse50eaa92.jpg
Brandon’s face after trying my breakfast sausage (in pancake batter) on a stick.

 photo fair23_zps3fac9591.jpg
From the top of the Giant Slide.

 photo fair32_zps702a2815.jpg
Deep-fried pumpkin pie. Quite possibly the best thing I ate at the fair that day.

 photo fair37_zpsf75c4a64.jpg
Dinosaurs and cheese curds.

 photo hhof2_zps5bf3a789.jpg
U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth, Minn.

 photo eveleth6_zpsa02e2b95.jpg
World’s largest hockey stick in Eveleth, Minn.

 photo ely6_zpse92e2679.jpg
On Shagawa Lake in Ely, Minn. Brandon spent a lot of his youth fishing for walleye on this lake.

 photo duluth2_zps6bc35862.jpg
With my delicious walleye sandwich for dinner at Grandma’s in Duluth, Minn.

 photo split_rock2_zps236f4992.jpg
Being a nerd at Split Rock Lighthouse.

 photo split_rock4_zps1669e849.jpg
Split Rock.

 photo split_rock10_zpsba0ca4b7.jpg
Dinosaurs at the lighthouse light … playing their own form of Wipeout.

 photo split_rock16_zps2fd680be.jpg
Split Rock.

 photo split_rock25_zps44031503.jpg
Lighthouse selfie.

 photo gooseberry2_zps6f0d701c.jpg
Gooseberry Falls.

 photo gooseberry8_zpsec3a02e1.jpg
Upper Gooseberry Falls.

 photo 8-27lunch_zps29c2bba9.jpg
View at lunch near Two Harbors, Minn.

 photo black_bear_zps7d9d73b6.jpg
Sign at Black Bear Casino in Minnesota. Silly snowmobilers …

 photo geist_house8_zps599dfa59.jpg
Driving a tractor at the in-laws’ house.

 photo 8-28ride4_zps45601017.jpg
With the Herb Brooks statue just outside the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn.

 photo 8-28ride10_zpsc5921b32.jpg
At Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minn.

 photo 8-28ride12_zpsd8c06856.jpg
Izzy’s Ice Cream, St. Paul, Minn.