Boston 2016, Day Six

Finally, the end of the never-ending trip, I know.

Tuesday, April 19 was our last full day in Boston. We started off with another T. Anthony’s breakfast (hadn’t had their French toast yet; just as good as I remember from college) and then got to the New England Aquarium as they opened. I hadn’t been since sophomore year in college and wanted to revisit it, and Brandon’s always up for seeing fishies.

Playing with sting rays, as we do.


Early morning at the Aquarium means cleaning penguin poop.

More jellies.

True story: I was looking for the lobster in this tank and finally found his tail. I said hi (as I do) … and he turned around. I’m telling you, lobster whisperer.

After the Aquarium, it was off to the North End to get to Neptune Oyster as they opened. We were still a little early so we split another cannoli from Mike’s, but decided to get in line about 25 minutes before Neptune opened. Good thing we did, too, as we barely got a spot inside.




After Neptune, we walked around a bit more before finding ourselves at Boston Sail Loft for the disappointing dill chowder.

Cool place otherwise, though.

From there, we headed back towards BU since I had money I needed to spend in the bookstore. Got another sticker for my car (which I still need to put on … but I need to get my car washed before that …), my new favorite lightweight zip-up hoodie, a sweatshirt for Brandon, and a tank and socks for me. Plus a card with the Boston University T stop map on it that we framed and put up in the house.

At this point, Brandon reminded me I still hadn’t taken him to the BU Pub yet, so we remedied that. The BU Pub is an on-campus bar solely for (of age) students, faculty, staff, and alumni. I didn’t have a drink, but B did and he wished they had a place like it on UND’s campus. I may not have drank as much in the Pub as a lot of my fellow Terriers, but I ate a lot of sandwiches there (they’ve got good sandwiches) and kicked a lot of ass at their trivia with my friend Brent.

We took some pictures at the BU Beach post-BU Pub …

On the whale. I spent a lot of time climbing this thing in college, too.

Brandon pretending the cars driving by on Storrow Drive are waves …

Gorgeous Boston in the springtime.

The best Boston dinner to hold me over until next time (Thai fried rice, a slice of cheese from T. Anthony’s, and some Angora), and back to the hotel to spend our last night in the city that will always hold a large chunk of my heart.

Dining in Boston: Part Two

As part one was breakfast, I’m dedicating part two to seafood, because Boston has a lot of it and it is delicious.

However, since this *is* me, eating seafood in Boston mostly means clam chowder and lobster rolls. So y’know …

The seafood started on Day One with a stop at Union Oyster House for chowder. Brandon also tried oysters (missed a picture) and I tried their lobster roll.

The lobster itself was really good, the bun was accurate; the only thing “off” was the use of lettuce and tomato. Which I generally like on a sandwich, but does not belong on a lobster roll.

On Day Two, we split a lobster roll at James Hook and Co., one of the places I read had a good one. The list was accurate here, as this may have been my favorite lobster roll of the trip.


We headed off to the Barking Crab next as Brandon said they had good chowder, but I was disappointed (and, so was he). Consistency was all off; it almost felt like a cheese soup as opposed to a chowder.


Day Three led to a trip to the ever-awesome Legal Sea Foods for dinner. While we enjoyed gluten in our food (chowder, their delicious rolls), our friend Nic, who we went with, has celiac disease. Legal’s went above and beyond making sure everything was gluten-free and wonderful for her. From gluten-free chowder to gluten-free rolls and even a specific extra staff member to help her out, they were outstanding. So, if you have celiac disease and are in Boston (or any of the other cities Legal’s has an outpost in), head to Legal Sea Foods – they will treat you well.

Continuing on, Brandon and I both had a cup of chowder, because of course.


Both Brandon and Nic had the Grilled Assortment, which was a chef’s choice of three fish (salmon, swordfish, and tuna), shrimp, and scallops. It was a ton of food.


I chose something a bit different, and got the Nutty Faroe Island Salmon, which was almond-encrusted salmon sauteed in a lemon-butter caper sauce served with spinach and (which sold me) mushroom ravioli. The ravioli? On point. The salmon? Pretty good, but I don’t know if I’d order it again. Plus, capers? Ew.


Our next seafood adventure wasn’t until Day Six (we needed a break). I had heard from multiple sources (online, one of the guys at Union Oyster House) that the best lobster roll in town was the hot roll (Connecticut style) at Neptune Oyster. I also read that the place filled up super quickly so we got there before they opened, still waited in line, and barely got seated. The place is a teeny tiny hole in the wall in the North End. We, and most everyone in there, ordered the hot lobster roll.


To be perfectly honest … I’ve had better. The bun, as you can see in the picture, is incorrect, and it made a difference. The roll also fell apart more than it should have (too much butter?) and the taste? Off. Both Brandon and I wondered if everyone loved it solely for the fact that a hot lobster roll is simply hard to find in Boston. The fries, however, were perfect seafood fries, though I wonder if I think that solely because they’re very similar to what’s served at a seafood restaurant here in town …

After Neptune, we headed to Boston Sail Loft which supposedly has some of the best chowder in town. It might … if you like dill in your clam chowder. Which we definitely don’t.

Aaaaalll the dill.

We couldn’t even finish our chowder. We could tell the waitress was concerned as she kept asking if everything was okay. I over-tipped her with a note on the receipt saying that nothing was her fault; we just don’t like dill!

There were a few more lobster rolls I would have liked to have tried (including Legal’s, but I would have had to hit them up for lunch for that), but I think I hit my limit on the trip. Next time …