On 2019 and 2020

I wrote quite a bit about 2019 in here already.

It contained a few concerts. I met Shinedown again.

It had some travel. A bit less than last year, but still some wonderful places – Las Vegas, Tucson, Madison, Bozeman, Yellowstone, Coeur d’Alene, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Mexico (near Tulum), and Amsterdam.

I don’t think I gained weight (for once), but I’m not sure I actually lost much, either. Maybe a few pounds. Maybe that’s not bad for being well on the wrong side of thirty.

I didn’t do the two super creative things I wanted to – finish that purse I’ve been working on and do a larger painting – but I did actually completely swap out my paints (… they were a little old and a little gross) and did a small piece. That I obviously forgot to share here. I did write a bit more (as evidenced by quite a few more drabbles posted here).

I didn’t really have a main goal in 2019. I don’t know if I really want to have one in 2020, either.

I’d like to try to get my house in order (both literal and metaphorical). Deep clean everything, swap some stuff out, continue culling items. Also acquire a few more things, but have them be more purposeful.

I would love to keep writing, and maybe even a book. If I can ignore and fight my brain’s natural inclination to self-edit EVERYTHING. Maybe if I hand write it I’ll have more luck. Maybe.

I would love to keep sewing. Maybe make a few more pillows, maybe finish that purse (hey let’s not get crazy here), definitely keep up with my mending pile.

I would love to paint more, too. I forgot how much I do truly love it.

Really, I would love to just continue being me and finding out who “me” is these days.

On 2018

While I may not always post them here, I am a bit of a New Year’s Resolutioner. Most of my goals this year have to do with my triathlon life (as they do,) but I have a few others that I’ll share here.

My main goal is to try to live with purpose. I’m not entirely sure as to what that means, exactly, but part of it is, I am fortunate enough not to work so I don’t want to waste my days.

(Read: I need to not mindlessly scroll the internets, particularly Facebook.)

I’ve really enjoyed chasing the sun, so I’d like to continue doing that. It will probably need to mostly occur when B is out of town (as he’s not quite as into it), but that’s okay.

I also have the goal of visiting all 43 (41 … whatever) state parks here in Colorado. I’ve got two so far, and I think about a quarter of that number will be easy to hit. The others will take some planning (and the summer), but it will be fun exploring different corners of the state.

In general, I’m also trying to work on my organization, both in the house and in life, and on my grace.

Obviously I’d like to continue creating, and I think (I hope) that will be a thing.

Here’s to a good year!