Dining in Grand Forks

Thursday, February 2:

We rolled into Grand Forks fairly late after driving up from the Twin Cities, so he took me to one of his favorite pizza places, SlapShot.

 photo forkstrip_2-2b_zpsod86skip.jpg

We grabbed our food to go and headed back to the hotel.

 photo slapshot_pizza_zpsvrbl6moy.jpg
We got a plain cheese pizza (easier to tell if it’s plain). Definitely not as good as say, T. Anthony’s, but it was also a different type of pizza. Still pretty tasty, and they got points for using the plastic pizza table.

 photo slapshot_wings_shrooms_zpsugrcut5i.jpg
We also got some sides. I’m a sucker for a good fried mushroom (theirs weren’t bad) and Brandon got the wings (good flavor; too spicy for me as per usual).

Friday, February 3:

We had general breakfast at the hotel (wee, free!), but then went to grab coffee at Tim Horton’s, because Canadian coffee is awesome.

 photo forkstrip_2-3_zpsp6qh8ccf.jpg

Their iced coffee was actually way too strong for me and didn’t have enough ice for me (I’m weird – love a lot of ice and a lot of cream). The chocolate-frosted doughnut though? On point, with some of the most amazing chocolate frosting ever on a doughnut.

Lunch was at Grand Forks institution, the Red Pepper.

 photo forkstrip_2-3c_zpserf2qybe.jpg

Brandon had their famous grinder (which I’ve tried, but just don’t like).

 photo red_pepper_grinder_zpstftzwwt4.jpg

Me? I went ahead and got one (okay, two) of their tostadas, but without the hot sauce.

 photo red_pepper_tostada_zpshufhwfx1.jpg

Dinner before the game was at The Blue Moose, in East Grand Forks (so the Minnesota side of things).

 photo forkstrip_2-3h_zpsues0et7r.jpg

B had raved about their Spinach Dip, but it looked way too spicy for me, so unfortunately, we didn’t get it. Instead, we got the following:

 photo blue_moose_pub_cheese_snacks_zpsgx9xirdw.jpg
Part of their seasonal menu, these are the Pub Cheese Snacks – “Four cheeses mixed with herbs, green onions, and sour cream. Quick fried and served with marinara.” We got ranch as well. They … were okay. Almost like a hybrid cheese stick/egg roll. Definitely original.

 photo blue_moose_honey_clucker_zps2jbyszee.jpg
Brandon had the Honey Clucker – “A succulent chicken breast topped with bacon, melted American & Swiss cheeses, finished with our own honey mustard sauce.” It was okay. I’ve had better versions of this same sandwich.

 photo blue_moose_walleye_sandwich_zpsgveve1k9.jpg
Me? If I can get fish sandwich (my name for walleye sandwiches), I will order a fish sandwich. Similar philosophy with me and lobster rolls, really. Anyway, their Walleye Sandwich – “Beer battered walleye fillet served with a slice of lemon and tartar sauce. We catch ’em, you eat ’em!” The tartar sauce had a dill in it … which if you know me, you know I’m not the biggest fan of dill. The walleye also looked overcooked (even if it actually wasn’t), which wasn’t appealing to the eyes. It tasted fine, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite fish sandwich I’ve ever had.

Later that evening at the UND game, we split a coffee and some doughnuts from the Tim Horton’s stand.

Saturday, February 4:

Breakfast was basically the exact same as Friday – hotel and then off to Tim Horton’s. This time, though, we skipped the regular doughnuts in favor of Timbits.

 photo forkstrip_2-4_zpskmbdwqry.jpg
Mmm, Timbits. Cinnamon sugar were definitely my favorite.

No pictures of lunch (too hungry to not just dig in), but it was at Green Mill. Which isn’t local to the Forks, but it is to the area. Brandon loves Green Mill but rarely gets a chance to go there, so that was lunch. We each had a salad and then devoured a pizza. It was awesome.

Our late lunch meant we just snacked at the Ralph, so “dinner” was popcorn and then Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread. Mmm, Crazy Bread.

Grand Forks 2017

If you’re familiar with the blog, you probably know that I went to school in Boston. You might not know that the husband went to school up in Grand Forks, N.D. I’ve been up there once – back in 2011 for a night, and that night wasn’t even planned – but it was a tiny little trip.

B has wanted me to see a game up at his school pretty much since we’ve been together, so we finally committed to it. And, because we’re ridiculous, of course we went in the middle of winter. Duh.

Anyway, flights in and out of GFK were terrible and they weren’t much better going through Fargo, so we decided to just go to MSP and rent a car.

 photo forkstrip_2-2_zps6zfel4tf.jpg
Sunset in Northern Minnesota.

We rolled into the Forks around 8pm and too late to do B’s original dinner plan, so we just grabbed a pizza and had a hotel picnic, because that’s sometimes what love and marriage is.

 photo forkstrip_2-2c_zps3hgltsau.jpg

(Clearly we also got in too late for me to even think about blogging here.)

Most of Friday morning was spent at the gym. After lunch, we headed over to the UND bookstore and to check out the Ralph Englestad Arena while it was still quiet (so well before game time).

 photo forkstrip_2-3e_zpsqxy23hnq.jpg
Ivan the UND fan outside the arena.

 photo forkstrip_2-3f_zpsnt8z4pjb.jpg
B inside.

Later that night, I got to go to my first UND game IN North Dakota. The Ralph – palace on the prairie – is definitely amazing. Marble, leather … you can see why Fighting Sioux Hawks fans get spoiled. It’s nicer than some NHL arenas.

 photo forkstrip_2-3i_zps3tddgy1j.jpg
I will say I was a bit disappointed with the fans; I know how loud UND fans can be. This weekend though? Fail. My team’s fans are so much better (and B agrees with me on this). It also didn’t help that the team played like poo and (rightfully) lost to St. Cloud State.

 photo forkstrip_2-3k_zpsknymt1a3.jpg
Still happy to be back in the Forks.

Saturday was a cold, snowy, gloomy day (more typical!). We went to the gym in the morning (I’m in the middle of a swim streak), grabbed a snack, and then B took me on a running tour of his campus. I only had my phone so I really didn’t get too many pictures. After we finished the run, I got to see a bit of the aviation buildings he spent a lot of his time in and probably my favorite part of campus.

 photo forkstrip_2-4d_zpszqpxgohw.jpg
As B calls them, “gerbil tubes.” Since North Dakota gets ass ridiculously cold, they have tubes and tunnels connecting good chunks of campus.

 photo forkstrip_2-4e_zps6xnebvzj.jpg
Nelson in front of his favorite Grand Forks restaurant, the Red Pepper.

 photo forkstrip_2-4f_zpscbiyl46d.jpg
Ivan at the game.

Quick trip, not a lot done (gym, hockey, the mall for the walk down memory lane), but it was wonderful to get to experience Grand Forks the way my husband did back in his college days.

I’ll go into more detail on what we ate on Thursday!

Images of Boston: 2013 Edition

After Ironman, we went to Boston for a few days. Brandon’s team, the University of North Dakota was playing mine, Boston University, in hockey. Since we couldn’t go to Grand Forks last year when BU played up there, we decided to take a few extra days after Arizona and head to Boston.

It was a simple trip – not too much touristy stuff – we mainly walked around a bit on a clam chowder tour of the city – four cups of chowder in two days. But it’s Boston, and we both love the city, so it was worth it.

 photo boston_zpse1286c1a.jpg
Thai fried rice at Brown Sugar Café.

 photo boston2_zps6b812e63.jpg
All my time in Boston and I somehow never noticed this in Copley Square. All the names of the marathon winners (male and female, able-bodied and wheelchair) are engraved around it.

 photo boston4_zps201721a7.jpg
Brandon in the Public Gardens.

 photo boston5_zpsdf056713.jpg
Awesome knotted tree.

 photo boston6_zpsf409d31c.jpg
Bobby Orr “Goal” sculpture outside of the new Garden.

 photo boston9_zpsf1249717.jpg
Chowder stop number one: Warren Tavern, in Charlestown.

 photo boston11_zps923d2d31.jpg
Hey look, Paul Revere!

 photo boston12_zpsc756a8ef.jpg
North End. Right before pastries at Modern.

 photo boston13_zps91b65deb.jpg
Chowder stop number two: Union Oyster House. Cornbread was fantastic alongside it. This was probably ultimately our favorite of the four.

 photo boston14_zps4d68f66b.jpg
Outside Union Oyster House.

 photo boston17_zps9a153dbf.jpg
BU dino Gustave at Agganis Arena for the first time (for a hockey game).

 photo boston20_zps2a9dc9d6.jpg
Hockey people will know why this scoreboard is a fail.

 photo boston21_zpsa4f87091.jpg
Marsh Plaza.

 photo boston23_zpsdb74427b.jpg
Gustave in a BU cycling jersey.

 photo boston24_zps747f59bf.jpg
Dinosaur story time.

 photo boston28_zpse474f748.jpg
Chowder stop number four: Boston Chowda Co. Not pictured: Legal Sea Foods.

Order of preference?
1. Union Oyster House
2. Legal Sea Foods
3. Warren Tavern
4. Boston Chowda Co.

 photo boston29_zps18c21089.jpg
Lone remaining Boston Marathon bombing memorial in Copley Square.