Boston 2016, Day Six

Finally, the end of the never-ending trip, I know.

Tuesday, April 19 was our last full day in Boston. We started off with another T. Anthony’s breakfast (hadn’t had their French toast yet; just as good as I remember from college) and then got to the New England Aquarium as they opened. I hadn’t been since sophomore year in college and wanted to revisit it, and Brandon’s always up for seeing fishies.

Playing with sting rays, as we do.


Early morning at the Aquarium means cleaning penguin poop.

More jellies.

True story: I was looking for the lobster in this tank and finally found his tail. I said hi (as I do) … and he turned around. I’m telling you, lobster whisperer.

After the Aquarium, it was off to the North End to get to Neptune Oyster as they opened. We were still a little early so we split another cannoli from Mike’s, but decided to get in line about 25 minutes before Neptune opened. Good thing we did, too, as we barely got a spot inside.




After Neptune, we walked around a bit more before finding ourselves at Boston Sail Loft for the disappointing dill chowder.

Cool place otherwise, though.

From there, we headed back towards BU since I had money I needed to spend in the bookstore. Got another sticker for my car (which I still need to put on … but I need to get my car washed before that …), my new favorite lightweight zip-up hoodie, a sweatshirt for Brandon, and a tank and socks for me. Plus a card with the Boston University T stop map on it that we framed and put up in the house.

At this point, Brandon reminded me I still hadn’t taken him to the BU Pub yet, so we remedied that. The BU Pub is an on-campus bar solely for (of age) students, faculty, staff, and alumni. I didn’t have a drink, but B did and he wished they had a place like it on UND’s campus. I may not have drank as much in the Pub as a lot of my fellow Terriers, but I ate a lot of sandwiches there (they’ve got good sandwiches) and kicked a lot of ass at their trivia with my friend Brent.

We took some pictures at the BU Beach post-BU Pub …

On the whale. I spent a lot of time climbing this thing in college, too.

Brandon pretending the cars driving by on Storrow Drive are waves …

Gorgeous Boston in the springtime.

The best Boston dinner to hold me over until next time (Thai fried rice, a slice of cheese from T. Anthony’s, and some Angora), and back to the hotel to spend our last night in the city that will always hold a large chunk of my heart.

Boston 2016, Day Two

We woke up fairly early on April 15th and headed over to T. Anthony’s for breakfast (and then to Starbucks for coffee). After breakfast, we went for an easy peasy run around the BU campus and along the Charles River before heading downtown to start our day.

I’m pretty sure (it was two months ago; I can’t quite remember) we took the T down to Copley to meet up and walk with Lindsey for a tiny bit before going our own way.

State House, you look good.

We headed downtown to meet some friends of ours for lunch. We got there a tiny bit early so we split a snack from Au Bon Pain before meeting Norm, Emily, and Ann at Anna’s Taqueria.


After Anna’s, we essentially walked Ann back to work before heading off to the North End. I had heard about the Boston Skinny House (okay, seen it on Pinterest) and never knew about it before. It’s definitely something you have to be looking for or you won’t see it …


We continued walking through the North End and came upon a memorial garden at the Old North Church.



Since we were in the neighborhood, we kind of had to stop and get a cannoli …


From the North End, we headed toward the waterfront, as Brandon heard from one of the FOs he’d flown with who was a Boston local. Brandon asked if I minded meeting up; I said no, so off to James Hook and Co. we went.

Window artwork.

Inside James Hook and Co.

Outside James Hook and Co.

After splitting quite possibly the best lobster roll in Boston and sharing some conversation, it was off to the Barking Crab for, if you remember, some mediocre chowder and a beer.


Loved this sign, though.

After the Barking Crab, we headed back towards Copley and the Prudential Center to hit up the Marathon expo. We already had our stuff for the 5K, but expos are free and we also wanted to say hi to friends.

Bench outside the firehouse on Boylston (just around the corner from Mass Ave.).

Brandon and Lindsey at the adidas area (with Nic in the far right of the shot).

After the expo (where we found some cheap 2xu socks!), we decided to walk back to the hotel.

So many memorials (reminders?) still around …

We stopped for a quick snack of veggies and fruit at Whole Foods and wandered back to the hotel for a bit before we went back out for dinner at the Busy Bee.


After dinner, we met up with my friend Brian, BU’s SID, for a drink (okay, I didn’t drink, but B did) and for me to give him some Broncos’ Super Bowl Champion stuff. Brian is weird in that he’s from Maine, but also a huge Denver Broncos fan. After the Super Bowl win, I asked Brian if he wanted me to get him some championship stuff; obviously the answer was a yes. So, two months later, I finally got him his shirt and Denver Post.

We didn’t stay out too late, though, as we had a race the next day …

Images of Boston: 2013 Edition

After Ironman, we went to Boston for a few days. Brandon’s team, the University of North Dakota was playing mine, Boston University, in hockey. Since we couldn’t go to Grand Forks last year when BU played up there, we decided to take a few extra days after Arizona and head to Boston.

It was a simple trip – not too much touristy stuff – we mainly walked around a bit on a clam chowder tour of the city – four cups of chowder in two days. But it’s Boston, and we both love the city, so it was worth it.

Thai fried rice at Brown Sugar Café.

All my time in Boston and I somehow never noticed this in Copley Square. All the names of the marathon winners (male and female, able-bodied and wheelchair) are engraved around it.

Brandon in the Public Gardens.

Awesome knotted tree.

Bobby Orr “Goal” sculpture outside of the new Garden.

Chowder stop number one: Warren Tavern, in Charlestown.

Hey look, Paul Revere!

North End. Right before pastries at Modern.

Chowder stop number two: Union Oyster House. Cornbread was fantastic alongside it. This was probably ultimately our favorite of the four.

Outside Union Oyster House.

BU dino Gustave at Agganis Arena for the first time (for a hockey game).

Hockey people will know why this scoreboard is a fail.

Marsh Plaza.

Gustave in a BU cycling jersey.

Dinosaur story time.

Chowder stop number four: Boston Chowda Co. Not pictured: Legal Sea Foods.

Order of preference?
1. Union Oyster House
2. Legal Sea Foods
3. Warren Tavern
4. Boston Chowda Co.

Lone remaining Boston Marathon bombing memorial in Copley Square.