Date Night in the Time of COVID

As you might know by now, we like to do a monthly date night. We started it … two years ago, I think? … and have kept it going since.

Sometimes it’s simple – just dinner out. Sometimes it’s a bit more.

But what do you do when everything’s closed?

You figure out a way to do date night at home.

First of all, you dress up, because sweats aren’t gonna do it.

Secondly, you get take out from a place you’d maybe normally do dinner at if it were a normal date night.

In our case, we went to Rio, which we’ve done a few times for date night before. Mainly because we love their damn fajitas.

Although they offered their (in)famous margs to go as well, we just made our own at home.

Next, you do a fun activity. In our case, it was building a couch fort in which to watch a movie in.

Or attempting, as the case may be. We successfully made one at our apartment back in the day, but this effort? FAIL.

Tried to make it taller … that may have been our downfall. And maybe lighter blankets/sheets would have worked better. Who knows.

As a result, you want to have a solid plan B. The husband actually came up with a great one – make a super comfy spot on the floor in which to watch a movie on.

Couch cushions under a ton of blankets to have a comfy spot to snuggle on.

Finally, we rented a movie on DirecTV in order to make it more “date-like” as opposing to just choosing something out of the DVD collection. In our case, it was something I’d seen before but B hadn’t – the LEGO Movie. I did not guess who much he’d love it, but he did.

And in full disclosure, we changed into comfy clothes for the movie part. There are perks to date night at home, and one is not having to stay in heels.

Hoping we can do something a bit more out and about for May, but if not, we know how to improvise.

On April in Tucson

In mid-April, we chose to drive down to Tucson to buy new tri bicycles, something I discussed on our tri blog. However, it was also a nice mini-vacation, getting away from the snow in Denver … but sadly not avoiding the wind. I won’t get into the triathlon-side of things here – you can click the link above for that – but I will tell the story of the trip through some of the photos I took.

We left in snow.

Crossing the border into New Mexico.

Breakfast at Frank’s/Francisco’s. So good. All this food also cost us less than $20.

With my Lucky Wishbone and eegee’s for lunch.

B and B Cactus Farm. Essentially a free desert botanic gardens. This was also one of the first times I’ve been able to see cacti in bloom, which was unbelievably awesome.

Brandon enjoyed the cactus.

Gustave enjoying driving around the city.

Brandon and In-N-Out.

The old Swan location, still standing, but no longer in use.

We are not mature.

I *heart* Lucky Wishbone.

We visited my “Aunt” Maxine after this, an old friend of my family who has known me since I was a baby. She’s … I think 99? 98? but in any case, nearing 100-years-old … and is still quite sharp.

We headed out of town after two short days, driving up to Scottsdale to visit some of Brandon’s family (Aunt Judy and Uncle Bernie, whom we stayed with in November) and then back down south so we could hit up Hatch for some chile stuff for my brother.

The desert on our way out of town.

Water mirage on the road ahead.

Chile shop.

The not-so-impressive Rio Grande.

After Hatch, we stopped in Truth or Consequences, N.M., for lunch at K-Bob’s steakhouse.
We were a bit exhausted at this point.

Food perked us up.

We slogged home, not reaching our beds until midnight, but one last thing of note: a bit before reaching the New Mexico/Colorado border, Fiona the Rav hit a milestone: