On 2017

Over at my triathlon blog, I’ve listed my main 2017 goal as to learn to enjoy the journey.

While good life advice, in this context, I mean it as enjoy the day-to-day life of training. The swim, bike, run, lift, yoga, snowshoe, skate, hike, whatever, all of the little things that make me a (better) athlete. I’ve met a lot of people who like training, but dislike racing. Me? I love racing, but it’s the in between that gets me. Hopefully not this year.

My plan on combating this is to get into the general routine of working out, make it a part of my daily life … and then hopefully I’ll be in the midst of it and realize that I love it.

As for life in general, I’m still working on becoming my best self. I realize I work best when I have direction to my days and a set plan. So, for this year, I bought two fun new planners (side note: when the heck did planners get so damned expensive???) and have planned out my life.

January’s workouts? All planned. February’s? Sketched out, and will be officially planned soon. I’ll sketch March’s plan out as soon as I finalize the details of February.

I came up with a daily task list (things I need to do daily) as well as separate task lists for every day of the week. The daily list contains things spanning from “make bed” to “check laundry” and “upload photos.” Things that can be obvious, yes, but often get neglected. The days-of-week lists include blogs I need to write (in here, Tuesdays and Thursdays!) and parts of the house that need cleaning (I get so behind on dusting, for example, that it’s terrible).

The tasks can get changed/not done if, say, I’m out of town, but a lot of it is just establishing the routines. I’m over halfway done with this month and I feel like it’s been going really well. I feel much more productive than normal, more organized. Happily, I feel as though my house is even cleaner (and with more square footage, this is a very good thing).

I’m also food planning a good week to two weeks out, to make the “what’s for dinner/lunch” question a lot easier. Want to know what food is? Check the calendar! Hopefully this will help us keep our weight in a bit better check as well as save some money.

I’ve also got some hopes of creating a bit more (as always), but this time I’m actually planning it. I had a create day on Monday, and I broke out one of my old sketchbooks for the first time in about five years. I have a creative muscle that is sorely underused, but I’m hoping if, like my biceps and quads, that if I just exercise it, it’ll come back as well.