Fourth Quarter Style: 2016

I was good about getting outfits curated in October (kind of) … and then fell off. Hey, story of my life. Also as per usual, three outfits to share. Go figure.

 photo 10-6outfit_zpse0uhyna5.jpg

 photo 10-6outfit2_zpsaj15cng1.jpg

Worn … somewhere.
Scarf: Target
Blazer: American Eagle Outfitters
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind
Boots: JustFab Online

 photo 10-7outfit_zpspwxkbtii.jpg

Worn, amusingly enough, the day after the previous outfit. What, two cute looks in a row?
Scarf: Target
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Cords: Banana Republic
Boots: JustFab Online

 photo 12-7outfit_zps36ffenqk.jpg

So, I’m addicted to this blanket scarf …
Scarf: Target
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind
Boots: JustFab Online

First Quarter Style: 2016

Like back in 2013, I’m heavily in Ironman training and, thanks to coaching, the volume is heavier earlier, but I’m still going to try and attempt to live in more than workout clothes.

 photo 1-30outfit_zpscnvyct3z.jpg
Forget where I wore this. New boots; had to wear them.
Boots: JustFab Online
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind
Sweater: Gap
Necklace: JC Penney’s (I think)
Bracelet: Express

 photo 2-17outfit_zpspqbj041y.jpg

 photo 2-17outfit2_zps7aobnkg8.jpg

 photo 2-17outfit3_zpsigvpsfxl.jpg
Wore this out shopping.
Shoes: AK Anne Klein sport
Skirt: Roots Canada
Sweater: Gap
Purse: Coach Poppy
Necklace: New York and Company
Bracelet: I forget.

 photo 2-24outfit_zpsxlj1ntdp.jpg

 photo 2-24outfit2_zpsp8jpftig.jpg
Possibly my new travel outfit. If I continue with this, expect better pictures of this next month.
Boots: JustFab Online
Leggings, Sweater: H&M
Shirt: Who What Wear for Target
Bracelet: Express
Necklace, Earrings: Ann Taylor Loft

Fourth Quarter Style: 2015

A few more things for the latter part of the year. Played around with a few new things; also stayed tried and true, as I do.

 photo 11-11outfit_zpsezfxxlqi.jpg
 photo 11-11outfit2_zpsn7plnhsf.jpg
Out running errands in this. Scarf: Target. Sweater: H&M. Jeans: Seven for All Mankind. Boots: JustFab Online.

 photo 11-26outfit_zpsljfngc0t.jpg
 photo 11-26outfit2_zpsvioiu64y.jpg
 photo 11-26outfit3_zpsmcicaeof.jpg
Thanksgiving outfit. Sweater, skirt: Gap. Necklace: Express. Tights, boots: don’t remember.

 photo 12-5outfit_zpsiq83jfql.jpg
 photo 12-5outfit2_zpsakwkxdqd.jpg
 photo 12-5outfit3_zpsr3sj88sf.jpg
Wore this to a holiday cocktail party. Dress: Vince Camuto. Coat: DKNY. Boots: JustFab Online. Tights: no idea.

 photo 12-31outfit_zpsymzfxyar.jpg
 photo 12-31outfit2_zpsuhy2uhzy.jpg
 photo 12-31outfit3_zpsvg1uauff.jpg
New Year’s Eve outfit. Necklace, earrings, top, skirt: Express. Tights: Target. Boots: don’t remember.

Second Quarter Style: 2015

I’m a little delayed with this one … Oops. I really should just resign myself to the fact that I’m probably going to be behind in posting all the time.

  photo 4-21outfit_zps4dc3khgq.jpg

Outfit I wore to that Nightwish concert. Bracelet from JustFab Online, shirt from Express, 7 for All Mankind jeans, boots are ancient that I got YEARS ago from Hot Topic.

 photo 6-18outfit_zpsoz9wlpci.jpg

Worn to the Mythic Creatures exhibit. Headband I forget, scarf from Charming Charlie, shirt from H&M, shorts Paige Premium Denim, Brooks Boston Marathon special edition Lobster Launch 2 shoes.

(sneakers in a style post? I read that it’s actually a thing … and you’ll see more of that thing in the third quarter post.)

First Quarter Style: 2015

It is now April and therefore in the second quarter of this year, so time for my quarterly style post!

 photo 1-18outfit_zps39u1pyyt.jpg

Forget where I wore this. Brunch, maybe? Gap sweater, H&M scarf, Seven for All Mankind jeans, boots from JustFab.

 photo 2-4outfit_zpsrh7zb2cv.jpg

I think I wore this to the Cartier exhibit. I believe the scarf is from Target. the sweater is from either H&M or Nordstrom Rack, jeans and boots the same from the previous photo.

 photo 3-18outfit_zpsa3pces5t.jpg

It was kind of warm out! Scarf and shoes from Target; sweater from the Gap; jeans Seven for All Mankind.

 photo 3-20outfit_zpsrcklgdig.jpg

Out and about for date day. H&M scarf, Gap sweater, Seven for All Mankind jeans, belt from Target, shoes Anne Klein Sport.

 photo 3-28outfit_zpst3n4oayw.jpg
 photo 3-28outfit2_zps7emqdqhb.jpg

Dad’s birthday dinner. Forget where I got the shoes; dress is LC Lauren Conrad; necklace cute and cheap from some museum in Utah; Skirt Sports headband.

Fourth Quarter Style: 2014

Goal for 2015: make sure I get more pictures of me in fun outfits! I really want to play with my personal style more …

Anyway, I’ve got two pictures from the last bit of the year – one photo from October, and one from November.

 photo rcf6_zps61742a9a.jpg
Went to Rock Creek Farm to go play in corn mazes. American Eagle sweater, Seven for All Mankind Jeans, scarf from H&M, boots Lauren Ralph Lauren.

 photo saturday21_zpsd6fb5e46.jpg
Clubbing outfit from Vegas. Target shirt, Express skirt, shoes from

First Quarter Style: 2014

Plus a bit from fourth quarter 2013 that I apparently missed. Oops.

 photo 12-11outfit_zps18dc1e82.jpg

 photo 12-11outfit2_zps7cc37913.jpg

 photo 12-11outfit3_zpsef6e579f.jpg
Early December. Forget where I even went; thought I looked cute. Beanie is from the Gap – one of the first Christmas presents I ever got from Brandon. Jacket is American Eagle; turtleneck from Kohl’s; necklace from J.C. Penneys; jeans are Seven for all Mankind; Boots are Lauren Ralph Lauren (and I LOVE them); socks from Target.

 photo 1-24outfit_zpsf4c62ac6.jpg

 photo 1-24outfit2_zps6eec60ac.jpg

 photo 1-24outfit3_zps75170922.jpg
Went to Jelly for brunch in late January; went to the Cap Hill location so this is me attempting to be a hipster. Clearly I failed, since I am not a hipster and therefore cannot be one. Anyway: short-sleeved shirt, Gap; long-sleeved shirt, tights and scarf from Target; skirt from Express; North Face boots; bracelet from … I think a jewelry store offshoot of Forever 21.

 photo sb3_zps58a8969c.jpg
Super Bowl outfit to watch the Broncos fail horribly. Broncos shirt, Seven for all Mankind jeans, Lauren Ralph Lauren boots, Target belt.

 photo 2-27outfit_zps5c7481f9.jpg

 photo 2-27outfit2_zps584a8f0c.jpg

 photo 2-27outfit3_zps5388c9d1.jpg

Outfit for 5280 week. Dress from Express; tights from Target; boots from JustFab; no idea on the necklace. Probably Claire’s. This is also me wearing makeup, which is rare.