On Bruxie

Last week (to the date; we went on January 18th), we were meeting a friend/work colleague of Brandon’s for a late lunch. We needed to find something on Colorado Boulevard and we were hoping to try something new, so we decided to try Bruxie.


Bruxie is a waffle cafe based out of California, making sandwiches with waffles instead of bread. We like waffles and we like sandwiches, so we figured hey, why not?

Brandon had their standard chicken and waffles (because hey, why not?) and I had their roasted turkey club – roasted turkey, applewood bacon, gruyere, avocado, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and pesto aioli.


With it came fries and I chose to forgo my typical water for their old-fashioned, artisan-crafted cane sugar sodas (root beer). Brandon tried the orange and it was ORANGE. Almost too orange-y for me, and I like orange soda. The root beer was good – nice and smooth.

The sandwich itself was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

(sandwich close-up).

The fries were okay; I actually prefer Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries (sorry, Bruxie!).

The big question: would I go there again? Probably. It was a decent, affordable lunch option (and we haaaaaate figuring out lunch). *Could* I go there again is the real question – Yelp and comments on Bruxie’s Facebook page are saying that the Colorado location might be closed.

If it’s not … try it out. If it is … check it out next time you’re in SoCal?