Shinedown: West Coast Tour 2017

Also known as Shinedown show number 6 … the sixth show in four years and five or six days.

After we saw Shinedown in October, we figured we wouldn’t be able to see them in a while because of other tours and album writing and whatnot. But then … they released a small West Coast tour. We grumbled slightly about them not coming to Colorado this time, but then I spotted the first two shows on the tour – Albuquerque, N.M. on 3.31 and Tucson, Ariz. on 4.1.

I thought, “Dude. We could potentially see one of those two shows!” I talked to B about it and we decided on the Albuquerque show, as it’s a fairly easy drive down from Denver (6ish hours). He got the 31st off, I requested those few days off from work, we drove on down.

We were considering concert VIP for this show and thought we bought it … but all we did was buy VIP floor seats for the venue (which was 100% worth it, mind you). They had the meet and greets for the tour, but the packages for the ABQ show weren’t available until well after we had already bought our seats. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway, this show on the tour was weird in that there was no opening act. There are a few opening bands on this tour (As Lions, Cold Kingdom), but for whatever reason, not at this show.

We got to the venue (Legends Theater in the Route 66 Casino) way early because we weren’t sure if we needed to be in line for ages to get a good spot. We find out that we actually have seats for the show.

Third row, but chairs.

 photo shinedown_zpsgqbpn5bf.jpg

Kind of dumb, but whatever. We had several hours to kill and didn’t feel like sitting in a car for the drive back to our hotel (30-ish minutes, probably more with traffic), so we gambled a bit and then played cards in the back of my Rav until it was time to find food pre-show.

We did pop in the time the doors opened at 7 to get our seats. B asked one of the security people if we could get on the rail, but she said no. Not that that stopped everyone once the show started anyway … So we did end up getting up front anyway!

Before I get ahead of myself, set list, courtesy of

Asking for It
Black Cadillac
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
I’ll Follow You
How Did You Love
If You Only Knew
State of My Head
Second Chance
Cut the Cord
Simple Man
Sound of Madness

You could tell it was the first show of the tour as the boys were a little off (specifically through “Asking for It”), but it was a lot of fun. Brent Smith dedicated “Simple Man” to Zach Myers’ son Oliver, as it was Oli’s birthday that day (and during “Sound of Madness,” you could see Myers’ wife Bethany holding Oliver backstage. Cute kid.).

In terms of Shinedown shows we’ve seen, I would say it was average. Definitely not the best, but not the worst either. That’s not to say it was a *bad* show, though; on the contrary, it was pretty awesome. Myers was totally on this show and I think Barry Kerch was having more fun than usual.

Other items of note:
– Brent Smith, please stop growing the hair back out. You look creepy.
– Eric Bass, what the heck was going on with your hair???
– I quickly sharpie’d a “Happy B-Day to Oliver, Zach! :)” note on the back of our tickets (printed out) and showed it to him during “Simple Man,” and he seemed super touched when he mouthed “thank you” back.
– We raked in the souvenirs this show, with a drum stick (this one actually is a BKerch signature as opposed to the Halloween show one we got) and three guitar picks – one Zach, one show-specific (well, the first two shows of this tour) Eric, and a Back to the Future duplicate that we could possibly use to trade later.

I’m super thankful we made it to this show, as I’m not sure when we’re next going to be able to see them live again.

 photo shinedown2_zpsruxbs41q.jpg

Creativity Corner: Shinedown Word Art

So. I’m hoping to create more this year (don’t I say that every year??), but so far, so good for the month!

I did doodle a bit in my sketchbook for the first time in ages, but I wanted to do something a bit more substantial, so I decided to do some word art for B. We’ve been talking about painting random song lyrics for the longest time, so I finally said, “screw it!” and asked him for some Shinedown lyrics and then a color theme.

This is the result:

 photo hdyl_zpsnyl5lyxa.jpg

I only apparently had large canvases around (that I could find at the time, at least). He wanted warm colors, so I did a loose play on a sunset/sunrise. I added a metallic Shinedown logo (sort of visible in the dead center) and then washed over it to make it super subtle. Finally, the lyrics from “How Did You Love” that B texted me.

I still need to get a lot better with painting words/doing word art, but he’s super happy with the end result, so I’ll take it!

Shinedown: Take Five

This was *technically* a Five Finger Death Punch headliner show, but since both B and I had to be up early the next morning … we skipped out after Shinedown. That, and I heard from my cousin (the one that tours with Papa Roach) that the guys from 5FDP are douches, so y’know. I trust him.

After the amazingness that was the Colorado Springs show, we weren’t expecting as good of a show, particularly given that it was a bigger venue. But, on the off chance we thought it was awesome because we were so close on the floor, I bought us GA floor seats pretty much as soon as tickets went on sale (in fact, I might have even gotten them through a presale).

It thankfully worked out that B was home for the show, sneaking home during a break in Delta training. I ended up having that day off from work, so we woke up, got in a run, and headed to Pepsi Center ass early (doors were at 5/5:30; we got there … before 2pm, I want to say) so we could storm the stage. Quite a few other people had this same idea, but we probably weren’t any worse than maybe 100 people back.

When we were finally allowed in (getting our floor wristbands), Brandon stampeded the stage while I high-tailed it to a pee room. We had been hiking down to the gas station while we waited for snacks, but the gas station that essentially splits the Pepsi Center parking lot doesn’t have a bathroom. No, it has porta-potties outside it … which were so damn disgusting that I just couldn’t.

While wandering about, I was also tasked with finding us food. Hot dog for Brandon and mediocre chicken fingers for me. I miss when food at Pepsi Center used to be good … back in high school …

Brandon, meanwhile, was able to get us essentially second row on the floor. I somehow fought myself, our food, and two waters (not in bottles; opened in cups) to him, aided slightly by concert buddies Brandon had made. We ate our food and I probably pissed more people off by sneaking back through the masses to throw our trash out and then snaked my way BACK. People probably did not like me for this, but eh.

First band to go on was As Lions. I’m pretty sure this was their first ever tour, which, damn, is awesome for them. They were British, but didn’t have that British rock band sound (see: that Springs post linked above).

In any case, the music wasn’t bad and they were highly entertaining.

 photo shinedown_as_lions_zpsdgmn7d2m.jpg
High energy lead singer.

 photo shinedown_as_lions2_zpsuiqsigs5.jpg
Set list. The bottom part cracks me up.

Next was Sixx:A.M., which I had heard a little about. They put on an awesome show – you could tell they have a lot of fun on stage, which I, as a fan, love to see.

 photo shinedown_sixx-am2_zpsm6kci6xc.jpg

 photo shinedown_sixx-am3_zps6bijjchd.jpg

Next up, Shinedown. Firstly, before I get into anything, set list:

Fly From the Inside
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
How Did You Love
Call Me
State of My Head
Second Chance
Cut the Cord
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
Sound of Madness

Notice song #7 on that list. NOTICE IT. That is probably my all-time favorite Shinedown song that they hardly ever play anymore. But the song went Gold this year after being out in the world for eight years, so maybe that’s why? Or, as I joked to Brandon, “it’s because you yelled “Call Me” and “play Call Me” at the Springs show.” I cried throughout that whole song. And through How Did You Love.

 photo shinedown_zpsquubbpo1.jpg

(I didn’t take as many photos this time because I chose to ENJOY the experience, and it was worth it. I also hopped around and danced like a crazy person, which had the happy side effect of making the guy who had seriously creeped up into my personal space back off lest he be elbowed or stomped on.)

Other highlights:

– caught three guitar picks. Two different, one the same as one from the Springs show, so we gave the duplicate to our concert friends.

– It was Eric Bass’s birthday, so they brought out a cake and we all got to sing to him.

 photo shinedown2_zpsxec7hub8.jpg

 photo shinedown3_zpskfpozfge.jpg

– The crowd test of Brent Smith hopping into the crowd on the West Coast tour must have worked out well as he did it again at Pepsi.

– During the “Simple Man” section, there was a tiny break and I was close enough to Zach Myers to show him the picture of the Germantown Commissary I put on Instagram (that he liked …), zoomed in on the logo … and he saw it and his eyes lit up in recognition and he mouthed, “Hey! That’s my hometown!” Pretty cool. Also pretty sure he attempted to flick guitar picks our way after that …

When wandering for food, I saw a tee that had “Call Me a Sinner, Call Me a Saint” on the back (clearly from “Call Me”) that I kind of just had to buy. And we got a shirt for Brandon, too.

While not as intimate as the Springs show, the guys are starting to show some better personality on tour which makes it that much more fantastic of a show experience. Sure, they do some generic schticks, but when it comes down to it, they just put on a great show.

And it helps when Smith doesn’t do the volume “you’re right here, I need you up here” thing, because damn is that annoying. Not experiencing that again? GLORIOUS.

Shinedown. They’re the best. Go see them. I’m at five times and will happily grow that number.

(Tour still going on now – see if they’re coming to you!)

Shinedown: West Coast Tour 2016

What, another Shinedown concert post? I know, I know … I feel like they’re the only band I go see.

In the post I wrote after the Saints and Sinners Ball, I commented, “I’ve seen this band three times … and I’ve essentially seen the same show three times. If the show I’m going to see of theirs in March (hopefully) is basically the same show again … I may not want to go see them anymore because I don’t want to spend my money on the same. exact. show. over and over again.”

Well, they came to Colorado Springs on March 13 and it so happened that both Brandon and I were around to see them. I decided to give them one more shot and see how it went. The show was part of a small West Coast run, which is probably why they came to the Springs as opposed to Denver.

I worked that morning, went for a run (oh, Ironman training …), realized that yes, I was getting sick (as was Brandon), but screw it, and headed down to the Springs early. We had high hopes of getting a dang guitar pick this time, so we wanted to get to the venue early in hopes of getting close to the stage.

We grabbed a (should have been) quick(er) dinner at Denny’s and then got to City Auditorium about 4:45 (doors opened at 6).

 photo shinedown_zpsmeqze0kl.jpg
The line, when we got there, was just around the corner. By the time the doors opened, it was well around the block. When we got into the building, we split up – Brandon stampeded the stage to get a spot and I high-tailed it toward the porta-potties.

This was successful. We were about three or four “rows” (as rows is a very fluid thing on the floor) back and next to a really nice couple who we chatted with to pass the time until the show started.

The opening act was the Virginmarys. They were … okay. Sounded a bit familiar despite never knowing about them before this, but when I heard the lead singer talk and realized he was British, it made sense. This is going to sound a bit crazy, but all British rock bands have a similar sound. It might be a chord here or there, but there’s teeny tiny little similarities, from these guys, to Oasis, to Blur, to whomever.

 photo shinedown2_zps0jasd7mi.jpg

I could tell this Shinedown show was going to be a bit different because there was no swath of fabric blocking the stage between sets like usual. Which really just meant we could see the roadies set stuff up, but you know.

The set list was also vastly different …

Fly From the Inside
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay-Boom-Lay-Boom)
If You Only Knew
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
The Crow & the Butterfly
Through the Ghost
I’ll Follow You
Cut the Cord
State of My Head
Second Chance
45 (acoustic snippet)
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover; acoustic)
Sound of Madness
(thanks to

“Unity” was different as an opener, but I liked it – upbeat, happy … it set the tone for the rest of the show. “Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide” is something they haven’t played live in several years, so it was a nice treat to hear that. “Through the Ghost,” likewise, was amazing and I pretty much cried through the whole thing.

“Amaryllis” was played due to a Twitter request from a fan (who played it at his wedding); another song I cried throughout.

I was a little bummed once again that they didn’t play more off of “Threat to Survival,” but I really have no complaints. The guys interacted with the crowd the most out of any of the three previous shows I’d seen and it was the least scripted, as well, which I really loved. I felt like they actually cared about we, the fans, as opposed to some of the other shows of theirs.

And of course, my close-up spot afforded some pictures …

 photo shinedown3_zpswzkfu79j.jpg
Both Zach Myers and Eric Bass (pictured) had guitar picks on their mic stands and I loved the way the light reflected through them.

 photo shinedown4_zpsxosbcnix.jpg

 photo shinedown5_zpsjfmqzfpb.jpg
(I think I like this one more for the cell phone in front of me …)

 photo shinedown6_zpsnzjsmkue.jpg

 photo shinedown7_zpsq9cokege.jpg
So Brent Smith parted the crowd and hopped onto the floor to talk to the audience … and as a result, we moved up a row or two on the floor.

 photo shinedown8_zps1jshplt6.jpg

 photo shinedown9_zps82duuoul.jpg
For the “encore,” Zach came out in a Peyton Manning jersey. He’s a Titans fan, but is a general fan of Manning’s from his days at Tennessee.

 photo shinedown10_zpsq9pscpwc.jpg
Ahh, lens flare …

Also of note:
– Brandon caught a water bottle tossed by Brent Smith – twice.
– WE FINALLY GOT OUR GUITAR PICKS!!!! We got two – one of Eric’s and one of Zach’s … and should have had at least one more. One came right near me; I turned on my phone flashlight to find it … and some guy next to me used my genius against me. Boo.

In closing: Shinedown’s music is amazing; we know that. They sound good live; we know that. But when the guys put out a personality during the show … they’re really hard to top.

Saints and Sinners Ball

Also known as Shinedown round three.

Way back on Halloween, Brandon and I went to go see Shinedown (double-headlining with Breaking Benjamin and alongside Nothingmore) at 1stBank Center in Broomfield, Colo. This was my third time seeing Shinedown and second time at 1stBank Center.

Let’s start off with the first two acts.

Nothingmore opened with the theme song to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the band came out in costume … dressed up as the Turtles.

 photo shinedown_nothingmore_zpswlshhvmk.jpg

Their music wasn’t necessarily my style, but they were good performers. Some bands that have been around for years (*cough*Uncle Kracker*cough* don’t have the stage presence that these guys did. Their drum stuff and some of their theatricality (like with this awesome creation:
 photo shinedown_nothingmore2_zpsalvm9auq.jpg
reminded Brandon a bit of Blue Man Group.

The night we saw them was their last night on the tour, so they took a giant selfie with the crowd at the end of their set.

 photo shinedown_nothingmore3_zpsw58mwnoj.jpg

Next up was Breaking Benjamin, who also embraced the day and came out in Star Wars costumes.

 photo shinedown_breaking_zpsfuqwuiye.jpg

Brandon was really excited to see these guys and they did put on a great show. They threw out candy to the crowd. They grabbed a sign from an audience member (sign was for said member’s significant other serving overseas) and brought it up on stage to sign,
 photo shinedown_breaking2_zpsiz4vfkza.jpg
giving a great shout out to our service men and women before playing “Unknown Soldier.”

Going on with the Star Wars theme, they did a great mash-up of the Imperial March and a few other covers – Schism, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Walk. Probably my favorite musical moment of the show.

I forget which song they did it for, but they had all the house lights turn off and had all of us light up the arena with our lighters (that is, cell phone flashlights) to show how much light we can bring and it was fairly fantastic to see how much light it was.

 photo shinedown_breaking4_zpsrcru3ibr.jpg

They ended up their set by grabbing a whole bunch of fans from the crowd and bringing them on stage to sing “The Diary of Jane,” and to have a chance to be on stage with their favorite band, which was super, super cool.

 photo shinedown_breaking5_zpsovdl2u8c.jpg

Finally, Shinedown.

First, pictures:

 photo shinedown_zpsb6c6ohnr.jpg

 photo shinedown2_zpsqqq5rvmj.jpg
Barry Kerch with some killer make-up going on.

 photo shinedown4_zpsembyteky.jpg
So there was this stuffed Eeyore at Brent Smith’s feet and I’m not sure why …

 photo shinedown6_zpsjmzqlvif.jpg
Zach Myers with some face paint.

 photo shinedown8_zpsnleaptqu.jpg
Brent Smith and Zach Myers.

 photo shinedown13_zps5erb5mae.jpg
Near the end of the show.

Thoughts on the show:

The Good:
– Music was fantastic, as always.
– They also threw out candy into the crowd.
– They played “How Did You Love,” probably my favorite song off the new album.

The Not So Good:
– They really didn’t embrace the Halloween theme like the other bands did. Okay, so they tossed out candy, and Zach and Barry had some face paint on, but that’s it. A little disappointing.
– For it being the “Threat to Survival” tour, I expected way more songs from the new album, as opposed to … three. Come on now, guys.
– I’ve seen this band three times … and I’ve essentially seen the same show three times. If the show I’m going to see of theirs in March (hopefully) is basically the same show again … I may not want to go see them anymore because I don’t want to spend my money on the same. exact. show. over and over again.

On the plus side, Brandon was able to get one of Barry’s drumsticks (unfortunately it’s just plain; doesn’t have his name on it like the Papa Roach sticks we have) and I was able to somehow snag a Breaking Benjamin guitar pick at the end of the night. Woo!

CD Review: Threat to Survival

So, back a couple weeks ago (oh hell, almost a month ago now), Shinedown came out with a new album (FINALLY), “Threat to Survival.” Since I downloaded the album into iTunes, I’ve wanted to write down a review/my thoughts … but I wanted to be able to give the whole thing several listens and really formulate my thoughts.

I think I’m finally at that point that I’d like to do this … plus I can’t really put it off much longer because I’m going to go see them live (again!) on October 31st and I’d like to get this out before I need to recap the concert.

Note: I’ll preface this like I did my last CD review – trained journalist, but not regarding music reviews. This will be my second, and mostly in the same format as the first, going song by song.

Overall, it’s a solid album and a great fifth effort by Shinedown. It’s definitely a bit of a departure stylistically from “Amaryllis” and “Sound of Madness” which newer Shinedown fans may not like. (I might be an exception here.) They draw from a lot of different influences and sounds and genres but blend it all together in a way to still make it distinctively Shinedown.

My first main nitpick is that while all the songs fit together thematically, if you listen to them in album order, from track one to track eleven … there’s really no flow. It feels a tad disjointed. I wonder if this is an unfortunate byproduct of the digital age, where whole albums might be purchased, sure, but probably not ever listened to in the proper order. I’m old school, so I made sure to listen to the entirety of “Threat to Survival” as it should be.

Asking For It
– This song is a great opener. I feel like the early riffs have … maybe an early-90s, almost punk, upbeat influence? Yes, I may be talking out of my ass here, but it’s familiar and it’s not recent.
– Every time I listen to this track, I marvel at the line, “When all is said and done/You need to tie your tongue” because it is a masterful twist of phrase. Being tongue-tied usually isn’t a good thing and typically associated with being unsure/astonished in a situation. To be told to purposefully tie your tongue, well, it means you’re too overconfident and need to back it off. LOVE. IT.
– Great message to beware of words and their power.

Cut the Cord
– This may have been the first single, but I actually think it’s one of the weakest songs on the whole album. Husband agrees with me on this point. There are so many other, better songs.
– That being said, I think next year’s new Ironman inspirational quote is coming from this song: “Be a fighter, backbone, desire/Complicated and it stings, but we both know what it means/And it’s time to get real and inspired”.

State of My Head
– I like this song, but I don’t know why, because the lyrics don’t really speak to me.
– However, the lyricality (yes I made that up) in the music and the flow of the words really works and sometimes, that’s what does it for me in terms of liking a song, so maybe that’s it.
– Brandon, however, doesn’t like this song much at all.
– All the lyrics websites say “concrete street skin” and I believe they’re right, but the first few listens I heard “concrete thick skin” and I like the way that sounds better so I’m going with my delusion on that line.

– I don’t even know which genre influenced this song, but this might just be my least favorite song of the bunch.
– Musically, lyrically … it just doesn’t speak to me.
– Also – and this might be part of why I don’t like this song (as much) – outlast every outcast? I’m not 100% sure what this even means. This is really the one song that I just can’t understand the (underlying) message of.

How Did You Love?
– Best song on the album, hands down.
– Full of fantastic EVERYTHING.
– Okay, so it might be a tad 80s power ballad – there’s a total moment of this right before the bridge – but whatever, it’s still awesome.
– I have the most amazing vision for a music video for this song, so if any of y’all are curious and interested in getting that made, call me.

It All Adds Up
– AKA Shinedown does musical theater.
– No, seriously, stick with me on this for a second. Picture the snazzy outfits the band wore on tour in spring of 2013 and match them (and an ensemble cast, of course) with either a “Guys and Dolls” and/or “West Side Story” inspired set and mix in some finger snapping and dance moves. See it? I know you do. The whole tone change after “and it all adds up” completely works with this theory.
– I also find this song awesome, by the way.
– Brandon adores the line, “Every murder has a motive but you ain’t killing me”.

– This to me, more than any other song on here, throws back to early Shinedown.
– Brandon likes this song; I’m actually ambivalent. It’s probably in my album bottom three along with “Cut the Cord” and “Outcast.”
– Part of why Brandon probably likes this song is the “soul sisters” (as he calls them) in the background.

– When previewing this album on iTunes the day/night it came out, the 90 second (or whatever) clip of this song did not impress me. In fact, I thought it was kind of cheesy. Of course, that preview pretty much started with the chorus and skipped out on the first few lines which set up and explain the whole freaking song.
– Needless to say, I love this song and it is one of my favorites. Possibly second favorite behind “How Did You Love?”.
– “Maybe if my arms were ten feet tall/I could finally reach that crystal ball.” This line speaks to me and I have loved it from the first listen. I have absolutely no idea why.
– I also adore the message of this song, and I think I know where the next popular Shinedown tattoo lyric is going to come from: “Everybody/Is Somebody/And anybody is you/I own my story/I won’t say sorry/And neither should you.” (I initially thought just the second half of that – from “I own my story” onward, but the whole bit really works.)

Thick as Thieves
– This song took several listens to grow on me, but now that it has, it’s one of my favorites.
– I read this song as someone talking to an old (possibly former) friend (or lover), but reminiscing or trying to convince said person to let him/her back in said friend/lover’s life. I don’t know if that’s what they were going with, but this song really hits home for me as I’ve lost several close friends in recent years for stupid shit, really.

Black Cadillac
– This song probably rounds out my personal top four favorites solely due to the music.
– I’m not entirely sure where the influences on this song came from – blues? gospel? – but whatever the homage, I adore it. The lyrics are honestly a bit meh, but oh god the awesome music makes up for it.
– Also, I totally need to stop living in the past in a few areas of my life, so this song helps beat that into my head, which I need.

– This song is a great album closer. While I made the note above about how I think the album is a tad disjointed, the opening and closing songs are on point.
– This song, again, speaks to me, for I have always been a misfit.
– (Basically, high school. Oh high school. This song can make me cry.)
– Musically, this song is also very strong.

While yes, I did mention “least favorite” songs, I really do love the entirety of “Threat to Survival.” Extremely solid, and I can’t wait to see a good chunk of these performed live.

Carnival of Madness

A week ago Tuesday, September 10, the Carnival of Madness came to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colo. Shinedown headlined, with Papa Roach, Skillet, In This Moment and We As Human. Given how much I raved about Shinedown last time they were in town and given the fact that this show was at Red Rocks, only the coolest concert venue ever, it was obvious that I was going to buy tickets.

Unfortunately, like last time, Brandon couldn’t go with me. This time, it was due to him upgrading to captain and therefore being in airline training. Luckily he was able to go to their St. Louis show on 9/7 thanks to my cousin Mike, who does sound for Papa Roach.

In any case, unbelievably awesome show in the rain. It rained off and on from when I got there (at the end of In This Moment) until the Shinedown set … where it dried out until the encore when it poured and pretty much didn’t stop for the rest of the week.

The set list was very similar to last time; it is, once again, thanks to
I’m Not Alright
The Crow & The Butterfly
I’ll Follow You
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
If You Only Knew
Sound of Madness
Second Chance
45 (first verse and crowd participation
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

Also thanks to Mike’s unbelievable generosity, I got a set of drumsticks (Tony Palermo; Papa Roach), some PR guitar picks, a shirt (with a sugar skull!), and a VIP pass so I could watch part of the Shinedown set from the sound booth and hang out with Mike on the bus. The only thing I asked for – and felt a little guilty for – was to see the legendary signature tunnel at Red Rocks … and it was totally cool and totally worth it.

Any regrets? Brandon thought I might have been able to meet the bands … which may have been possible after the show if it weren’t for the horribly miserable rain, but as AWESOME as that would have been, it wasn’t something I was expecting. So yeah, a little sad, but can’t be sad about something I never thought I would get. My main regret was actually not getting a picture of me with my cousin, since I rarely see him. Dangit.

I also regret not getting to the show earlier for a better spot. I was waaaay off to the side – obstructed view, they’d call it – and couldn’t really grab good quality photos. Boo.

Anyway, pictures!

 photo shinedown_zps94d85a06.jpg
In This Moment. I missed most of their set – what little I heard wasn’t bad, though. I did miss the other opening act, We As Human, so I can’t speak to them.

 photo shinedown2_zpsf064c62e.jpg
Mike setting up on stage with his crazy orange in-ears.
 photo shinedown3_zps3f6e0960.jpg
Papa Roach.
 photo shinedown4_zps6f0adec4.jpg
Creepin’ on Mike while he’s doing his actual job of sound mixing.
 photo shinedown6_zps7d216401.jpg
 photo shinedown8_zps236c3d10.jpg
 photo shinedown9_zpse4214e40.jpg
Crowd totally into Papa Roach.

While yes, I mainly got tickets for Shinedown, it was really cool to see Papa Roach live – they put on a great show. Very high energy – lead singer Jacoby Shaddix kept hopping into the crowd and I swear went at least 30 rows up. They are entertainers for sure and it was fun to see.

Next up was Skillet – they and Papa Roach switch off on the tour as to who’s second to the main act. Skillet is a Christian group and seemed a little out of place on the tour, honestly. The music wasn’t bad and I liked a few of their songs, but the energy? Lacking. I saw a whole bunch of people sitting down during their set and that shouldn’t happen during an awesome show. The music should speak to you so you WANT to stand and sway and clap your hands and stomp your feet or what have you. Skillet didn’t inspire that in the crowd.

I basically used the Skillet set to wander around to try and thaw my limbs out … which meant buying a sweet burnout Shinedown tee at the merch booth and talking with Mike quite a bit. I was okay with this.

 photo shinedown11_zpse1b29a10.jpg
Logo on the video boards.

 photo shinedown12_zpsd62474b6.jpg
Shinedown opening with fire dancers (it IS a carnival, supposedly) and one of my new favorite songs by them, “I’m Not Alright.”
 photo shinedown13_zpsa891bf18.jpg
 photo shinedown14_zpsbb880280.jpg
 photo shinedown16_zps3b047d13.jpg
 photo shinedown17_zpsacd6d80b.jpg
Crowd lighting up the Amphitheater for “The Crow & The Butterfly.”
 photo shinedown18_zps394f41c7.jpg
 photo shinedown19_zps31c374f7.jpg
The creeper view of Brent Smith (that is, from the sound booth). Best perk of being back here? Closer to the pyrotechnics – warmth!
 photo shinedown20_zpsb17ee216.jpg
These cords make the music happen. Also: set list.
 photo shinedown21_zps265309cd.jpg
Closer view of Zach Myers and his AWESOME ARGYLE SOCKS OMG WANT. Yes, I like argyle. Yes, I lusted over his socks. Yes, I’m weird.
 photo shinedown22_zps6372e745.jpg
 photo shinedown25_zps12179183.jpg
More carnival people – this was during the encore; either right before or right after “Sound of Madness.”
 photo shinedown29_zpsf4deac9e.jpg
 photo shinedown32_zpsf9a36a0b.jpg
Brent Smith and Zach Myers on the railing (in the rain) for “45”/”Simple Man.” Getting soaked like the rest of us.
 photo shinedown33_zpsd718afbe.jpg
 photo shinedown35_zps8f49c6b0.jpg
Near the end of “Bully.”

And because I had to, the signature tunnel:
 photo red_rocks_zpsf76ea56d.jpg